Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making Money from Glass Waste

Waste is a serious problem in many countries, especially in big cities with a population that exceeds capacity. Waste becomes a problem as the throw-out, dirty, smelly, cause disease and pollute the environment. But with the right technology, waste -aka garbage, trash, rubbish, junk, and litter- may be items that can be utilized and have high economic value.

Inorganic waste can help develop the recycling industry. Paper Waste will be recycled by the paper industry, plastics and glass waste will be recycled into raw materials industry, while the organic waste can be processed by the compost processing industry into organic fertilizer can also be processed into industrial energy / building materials industry. Some of the recycling industry are small businesses with appropriate technology.

Recycling is one of way used to minimize the amount of existing waste to increase its economic value become useful goods. Recycling is one of way used to minimize the amount of existing waste to increase its economic value become goods that are useful. Recycling is a process for reducing the use of new raw materials, reduce energy use, reduce pollution, land degradation and gas emissions when compared to the process of making new stuff.

Material which can be recycled consist of waste of glass, plastic, paper, metals, textiles, and electronic items. Although similar, the composting process that typically uses waste biomass that can be degraded by nature, not as a recycling process by which I mean in this article. Recycling is more focused on waste that can not be degraded naturally by environment by reducing land degradation. Broadly speaking, recycling is the process of garbage collection, sorting, cleaning, and processing of new materials for the production process.

One of the recycling business is the product made from recycled glass. Many ways are used by craftsmen to turn glass waste become recycling business by utilizing used glass as a base for the manufacture of handicrafts. One of them is an art form glassworks of broken glass material. In addition to luxurious impression, the unique shape will attract consumers. This could become a fairly lucrative business opportunity with a craft made from broken glass. Can also be used as building materials and roads. Existing Glassphalt, the coating material way by using 30% recycled glass material.

Materials needed are broken glass or broken bottles, jars and used whatever made of glass. The raw material is cleaned of contaminants, washed thoroughly and melted in a furnace temperature of 1,500 Celsius degrees for 24 hours. Once completely melted, then the glass is formed in accordance with the desire. Other processes can also be done is to make cuts and modifications to suit the desired design for example in the form of toys and crafts.

Various forms can be made from glass waste into new shapes with added value in it. Such as vases, lamp shades, as well as a new form of toys, trains, cars, helicopters, motorcycles, musical instrument, and other decorative lights. The price offered was quite variable depending on the size and complexity of the manufacturing process. This is one of the small business opportunities with limited funds, considering you can get raw materials in a manner that is relatively easy and cheap.

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