Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gold Prices Fall

Gold price dropped, making its biggest limitation since October 2009, and silver fell to its lowest level in three months as the worsening European debt crisis that brought the commodity and stock markets weakened.

What happening in Europe is quite worrying. Plus, the strengthening of U.S. dollar is currently depressing the price of commodities, including gold.

Gold futures for February delivery fell 2% to survive to $ 1.564 on the COMEX in New York. Prices have fallen in five consecutive sessions, the longest fall since October 2009.

Most of the investors assessing market conditions are still minimal driving factors this week where the Gold is still focused on the European debt crisis situation and positive developments in the U.S. macroeconomic data that should be able to sustain demand in gold.

In the middle of thin trading volume today, the headlines that might drive the future of Gold is the Italian bond auction.

Recently reported European banking deposits on the ECB touched the highest record, amounting to 452 billion euros at the central bank. This condition indicates that there is a reluctance to lend to each other, which reflect the difficulty of funding even though the ECB has provided liquidity injections last week.

Above factors resulted in the value of the euro currency plunged along with gold commodity dropped below $ 1,555 so far with daily lows at $ 1,548.80, while the highest point was at $ 1,593.90 daily. The U.S. dollar index gained its own turn, which contributed to a negative catalyst to gold.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year End, Gold Price Stable

Gold price rose in line with demand for gold is rising because the U.S. dollar weakened against the euro on trade in New York on Monday (26/12/2011) local time.

The price of gold for fast delivery rose 60 cents to U.S. $ 1606.95 per troy ounce (equivalent to 31.1 grams) on Monday at 4:54 New York time.

Throughout the end of 2011, the price of gold has risen 13 percent. Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar declined against the euro by 0.3 percent during the holiday trade Monday. Gold remains on track annual achievement for 11 consecutive years. The gold is in demand as fears of a slowing global growth.

Being on the trading on Tuesday, Gold held steady with prices stuck in a narrow range in the range of $ 15 in 3 sessions, as investors held the position during the holiday season, watching the developments in the European debt crisis.

Spot gold fell 0.1% last at $ 1,603.29 per troy ounce. U.S. Gold futures moved slightly at $ 1,605.20.

Gold and silver speculators slashed their bullish forecasts for three consecutive weeks until December 20, by buying silver fell more than 50%, said U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Making Delight Money from Hobby

It is feasible to make use of a hobby or your own knowledge and skills to make money online. There are many opportunity to sell your knowledge and your services as sideline business or even main business. You can also sell your own produced stuff like images and handicrafts. Use your imagination, be creative and ought to be able to generate some money from your hobby. Below you can discover a few possibilities.

If your hobby is needlework, the possibilities of making funds on the net are actually nice. This assuming, of work that the quality of your creations are satisfying. Knitting for example, provides nice opportunities for some additional funds. Clothing, hats and scarves are all products that it will be feasible to sell online. Embroidered, Hand-made products are another option for those who require to earn an income working with their hobby. Embroidered pics, pillows, tablecloths, etc., also could provide a pleasant income. Other possibilities to make funds on the net are different forms of art, sculptures and the like.

Using the net there's several nice opportunities to sell your products. In the event you have an online site of your own, this can be used to promote your stuff. Facebook & Twitter may even be used for promotion purposes. Thousands of people use eBay to make funds online & eBay does provide great opportunities to sell all kinds of stuff. Keep in mind that you have a great advantage. You are selling a distinctive product.

Earn funds selling pics/photo
Selling photographs is a fascinating way to make some funds. All you require is a camera and pics of reasonable nice quality. There is a immense market for the sale of photographs, and lots of have an interest in purchasing such pics. At first you ought to not expect huge revenues, but after some time it is feasible to make calm some funds this way.

The quality will partly pick how much money it is possible for you to to make from your photographs. You do not need to take professional pics, but an all right quality is a demand. Most hobby photographers take pics of such quality. Another important factor is what you photograph. Try selecting subjects that have value for the buyers. It will certainly increase your opportunities succeed. In other words, you ought to try to put yourself in the customer's situation. Pics of nature, landscapes, famous places, famous tourist attractions, popular events, as well as hunting and fishing are usually subjects that sells nice. Be creative and use common sense when choosing a subject. Potential buyers will often be newspapers, other media, magazines, promotion, and different operators on the net.

It will be important to carefully think about what you photograph. It helps tiny to shoot the best pics if no needs the designs you have selected. In order to make money from photographs you must not only think about what sells best. You ought to also think about the competition. Check on the net and try to figure out what kind of photographs successful competitors has selected. This is a huge marked and plenty of people try to earn money this way. Spend some time choosing what theme to choose. Plenty of people forget this and think that nice pics always sell. Thus, they lose all opportunities to make an income.

The market for so called amateur pics is growing & most hobbyists will be able to sell pics. The simplest way to sell photographs is through sites that focus on this. On these pages you can upload your pics at no cost & then earn funds every time somebody buys the rights to make use of them. A picture can be sold lots of times, increasing the opportunities to Make money on Web. Search the net & check out some different opportunities before you select.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Create an Online Store Through Wordpress

The fact that it's become simpler to set up online stores is the incentive increasingly people are failing with their e-commerce endeavors. Apparently, it is simple to set up an e-commerce web-site that features a Wordpress online store plugin. Nevertheless, it takes work to earn and retain a profitable web-site. As a beginner, here are guidelines to get you started and make positive that you keep a profitable Wordpress web-site.

Decide on the item that you will certainly be basically selling. When beginning an online store, it will certainly be safe for you to plan on exactly what you need to promote on your leading wordpress shopping cart. It would definitely be ridiculous to try to stay competitive with giants like, & start with thousands of products. Men & ladies usually go to shopping malls to since they have an array to settle on from, & for window-shopping for particular items that they have an interest in.

Take in particular on your target market as this will eliminate unnecessary competition & strengthen your stores picture. You might be wasting your occasion & hard work in case you tried to sell the wrong product to the wrong target market. Additionally, when you be positive that you produce an excellence & relevant best wordpress shopping cart, this will certainly eliminate unnecessary competition & strengthen the product & picture line. For example, an individual who wears a pair of shoes because they must will certainly not even mind where they purchase, having said that, an individual who cares about the styles & brands will choose for a branded store as their outlet of option.

Take in a domain brand and hosting
After you have produced a firm decision on what you need to promote, the next step will be to receive a domain name. There's numerous choices when it turns to picking a domain, and the name needs to be appropriate to the business. Some mistakes that consumers usually manufacture are in misspellings, settling for a less than ideal domain, be positive that you acquire a. COM than all the others, this is the leading for an online store. Certify that there's not necessarily any dashes in the name and that it contains the correct spellings.

After getting the domain, the next step is going to be to take in the domain hosted. Again, here you require to be cautious and you can not pick any host, declare for example, since they offer a free domain is not even lovely reason to pick them. Be positive that you pick a reliable host and who allows every month payments. This is for your security, in situation they are in no way as reliable as earlier indicated, you can basically modify and in no way make losses.

Add your wordpress
Installing Wordpress is not necessarily rocket science and any person with basic net and computer knowledge can execute it. However, if suspicious, you can always hire a professional to put up the Wordpress online store plugin. You can install utilizing the web site hosting control panel or deploy through a program like Cpanel.

Deploy the e commerce wordpress theme
There's numerous e commerce themes to pick in Wordpress. The themes are simple to deploy & all you need to accomplish is activate, which as well auto populates the categories & items with a click two times.

Upload the items & their descriptions
Offline & online shopping experiences are distinctive. With offline shopping, you get to touch & feel the item, while with shopping online you depend on the images & item descriptions provided. This is the purpose that when you are walking an online store, you need to acquire the potential client to experience the product as much as conceivable. You can accomplish this by obtaining a lot of shots of the product from different zoom levels & angles. Provide the item specifications in detail & offer space for product reviews, delighted customer can mean the development you need to acquire started.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Let's Invest in Indonesia, Fitch Raised Investment Grade of Indonesia

Fitch, one of the world rating agency, on Thursday ( Dec 15 /2011), raised Indonesia's debt rating from BB + to BBB- as an investment rated.

The increase in this ranking makes investment in Indonesia is reduced risk and the lure foreign investors into the Indonesian market. Although quite surprising because previously expected to be given in 2012, investors are factoring the possibility of considering the development of Indonesia's solid macroeconomic performance.

Earlier, on February 24, 2011, Fitch Indonesia raised its outlook from stable to positive. Remain high economic growth at 6.5 percent with the inflation rate is low (less than 4 percent), a stable exchange rate, coupled with budget deficits and low levels of debt GDP ratio is healthy.

Fitch projected growth in gross domestic product (GDP) averaging more than 6.0 percent per year over the forecast period through 2013, amid a global economic conditions are less conducive.

Indonesia domestic-oriented economy and the success of creating a relatively strong economic growth without causing external imbalances, or reliance on short-term external financing shows that the economic growth prospects will be resilient to external shocks, as happened in 2008.

Public debt is low and positive real interest rates provide the authority flexibility policy to respond of the slowdown. Higher levels of trust on macro policy framework is the key to increase this ranking. Tolerance of nominal currency gains within the framework of monetary policy, and a willingness to tighten policy if inflation reached a high single digit, and fiscal policies carefully strengthening the basis for the rise in the rankings.

Higher levels of trust on macro policy framework is the key to increase this ranking. Tolerance of nominal currency gains within the framework of monetary policy, and a willingness to tighten policy if inflation reached a high single digit, and fiscal policies carefully strengthening the basis for the rise in the rankings.

Fitch believes credit profile has a new rank at the level of tolerance. The ratio of gross government debt to GDP is expected to drop from 26 percent at the end of 2010 to 25 percent by the end of 2011, far below the median of the BBB, which is 36 percent. Moreover, the ratio of debt to revenue is projected to fall from 163 percent at the end of 2010 to close to the median projection BBB of 126 percent in 2012, despite the existence of structural fiscal weaknesses in the form of low incomes, only 17 percent of GDP compared to 33 percent of the median BBB.

The Future of Gold is still Promising

Gold futures began to recover in the trading session on Friday (16/12). Some reasons underlying the weakening gold on last few hours. Throughout this week, gold has been dragged down by worries of investors against the European crisis. If the first precious metal is seen as a safe haven ideal, its charm has faded along with the appreciation of the dollar. Gold for February delivery rose $ 10.90 (0.7%) to as low as $ 1,588.00 per ounce. Gold managed to scrape a weekly loss to about 7.5% (data FactSet).

In addition triggered by global worries, the weakening of gold carried on investment trend at the end of the year. Many investment institutions began to cut positions and liquidate holdings to seek a balance sheet. The higher level of losses on other risky investments assets, means greater of volume of the removed position.

Dollar tumbled since yesterday despite some positive data was released. The results of a good Spanish bond auction supporting the euro exchange rate so that the USD began to fall. Deutshe Bank and Credit Agricole seen that the gold correction so far do not reflect the real prospect in the future. Negative real interest rates, fundamental risk and volatility in the stock market strongly support the increase. Agricole even mention there are 3 important factors to shore up prices, namely: still high interest in the physical as well as the entire stock action of central banks and the capital owner. It's still coupled with the possibility of quantitative easing and asset diversification requirements of investment managers.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where is the Turning Point in Gold Prices

Gold price in free fall since last Monday due to a massive sell-off. The series of negative sentiment appeared simultaneously so that recovery is inhibited.

Comex Gold for February delivery has down and closed below the psychological US$ 1600 per ounce. Such poor performance looked one last time in September. The condition is more severe on Friday (Dec 16), gold opened at the level of $ 1,580, or the lowest opening price since July.

Current performance contrasts sharply with the price movement of a few months ago, which to fly to the range of US$ 1920. Gold did not longer seen as a safe haven, gold as a commodity is now precisely swept by the movement of risky instruments.

In the past precious metal seen as a means of hedging, its role is now really have taken over the (US) dollar. When European economic risk peaked, gold following the euro's performance. The weakening of the euro is directly proportional to the strengthening of the dollar so that commodities which are traded using US$ be more expensive. On that basis logic, investors are reluctant to buy gold, so even with other strategic commodities, like oil.

The condition aggravated by year-end policy of financial investment institutions. Typically, hedge funds and fund managers liquidate its gold assets positions to cover losses on other assets, like stocks and secondary risky assets. Morally, no institution is willing to show off losses to clients. All would like to show good performance, it is better if get profit in large quantities.

Last September, when prices fell sharply, the majority of analysts saw as a support level of US$ 1600 is ideal (see graph). If the characteristic correction in this month combined with history in last September, then at current levels should be buying re-emerged in large numbers.

That way gold can be consolidated, such as when it reaches a low level 3 months ago. But now the situation is a mess. Demand is still shy, even when the price has reached US $ 1,564 per ounce. Almost certainly a lot of capital account in the Comex have preparing touched its stop losses.

Now the question is, how much gold on support can re-find its momentum? With a wild movement as it is now, not many investors are willing to risk his position on the instrument of gold. Moreover, there is no sentiment planned that will appear in a few weeks remaining in the year 2011.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gold Price Ready to Go Down Again

After falling for three consecutive days, on Friday trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange early this morning (16.12.2011), the price of gold has increased though thin. Gold price rebounds after three consecutive days before declining quite large.

The price of gold futures contracts on the NYMEX for January 2012 decreased by U.S. $ 9.70 and closed at US$ 1577.20 per troy ounce (31.1 grams). Meanwhile, spot gold prices experienced a slight decline of 0.2 percent and ended at position US$ 1571, 00 per troy ounce.

During the past month the price of gold has declined by 9 percent. Concerns about economic conditions resulted in the European market is still wary of this precious metal price movements.

Gold is also still shadowed by the sell towards the end of the year. Hedge funds have forced to sell gold after getting margin calls and are also closing position of hedge funds. Sell-off towards the end of the year would normally be due on the assets which prints an annual increase rate is high enough.

This condition was expected to make the price of gold could drop to US$ 1400 in the near future. Moreover, the lack of new stimulus measures from the U.S. central bank (the Federal Reserve). The strengthening of U.S. dollar is also the negative news for gold.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Currently the way to make a claim blog on Technorati is troublesome enough, that is you have to insert the claim code provided by Technorati in one of the (latest) post, then the Technorati crawlers machine will crawling your blog to find its claim code, eg BRB42R8STS75 .

How to claim your blog on Technorati:

1. Login/sign in to your Technorati account.
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5. Copy and Paste the code in new post
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Dollar strengthened, Gold Price Slump to Lowest Level of 5 Months

Gold price fell below the level of US$ 1600 per troy ounce. The strengthening of U.S. dollar to hold the demand of gold as an alternative investment assets.

Gold futures for February delivery trimmed 4.6 percent to the position of US$ 1586.90 per troy ounce on the Comex in New York. This is the lowest closing level since July 13. The same contract traded at U.S. $ 1581.80 per troy ounce at 7:03 pm Singapore time.

The U.S. dollar rose to its highest level in 11 months against the euro amid escalating problem of funding to overcome the crisis in Europe. While the Federal Reserve will keep the U.S. economy and restraint in taking new measures to boost the economy. There is turbulence in commodity markets because of the strengthening dollar.

A sharply decline in gold prices indicate a significant level of sales come from the hedge fund. There is a great risk-offs due to European and triggered investors looking for liquidity and sell everything that can be sold to limit the risk.

Gold has the potential to continue to move to a level of 1.550 U.S. dollars / ounce, after successfully penetrate the MA 200-day level. Gold may continue to weaken to as low as the end of 2008. It seems that market players still continue to open sell position. Spot gold fell more than 3% on Wednesday related to concerns about liquidity and the European economy. Spot gold was at $ 1,576.25 / oz.

Fitch has made investments downgrade in five major European banks by one notch. French Minister Alain Juppe said the downgrading of France is not too large. This prompted market speculation that the government was preparing to lose rank tripe-A.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What is investment strategy can do in 2012 ?

The main purpose of investment is to maintain and possibly increase a person's level of wealth.

In addition to avoiding loss of capital preservation, the main consideration is to beat inflation investing. Because inflation eroded the purchasing power that effectively reduces prosperity. Based on these two considerations, both gold and stocks proven to beat inflation.

The price of gold is very volatile at this time. The rise in gold prices expected as a result of central bank actions of developing countries to diversify their foreign exchange reserves by reducing the dollar. With the gold price volatility is high enough, the prospect of the gold price will very depending on whether there is excess liquidity or not.

with current conditions, it is likely the Fed will be more careful poured liquidity due to already high growth of money supply. Meanwhile, liquidity needs for re-financing the debt would create an international interest rates move up.

With these considerations in mind, gold has more competitors. However, based on consideration of capital preservation and inflation protection, the issue is not gold OR stocks but gold AND stocks. Diversification is necessary for the moment, besides of course prudence in investing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gold Price- Free Fall Due to Bad Sentiment

Gold price tumbled again on Monday (12/12). The condition of Europe has still worrying-at least for market players. Market players pessimistic about the effectiveness of the European agreement last Friday so the investors away from commodities and bought dollars.

February gold futures fell $ 25.30, or 1.5% to as low as $ 1.692 per ounce in electronic trading session of the European time. Gold fell to below the psychological level of $ 1.700 in Asian trade. However, investors can hunt for loopholes to get current prices tend to oversold.

Price correction this time to make vanished gain scooped since Friday's regular trading session at NYMEX. Tracked the dollar index rose to 79.02 from the level recorded in North American trading session on Friday (78,622). Positive performance of the dollar has weighed the price of gold.

European stock markets also fell on Monday after Moody's Investors Service stated that the resolution of Europe last week did not have a major impact for efforts to solving the crisis. Thus, credit rating in many European countries still in betting.

Bad Sentiment for gold increasingly strong after an analyst doubted the prospects of demand from developing countries. Considering China's inflation data last week showed a sharp decline and India cut its growth target countries for the financial year ended March 2012. Gold is currently monitored at the level of $ 1,655 per ounce.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Gold Price Keeps Bearish Patterns

Gold Price Keeps Bearish Patterns. Re-Selling gold to test the level of US$ 1702/troy oz, and surprising investors that bullish. But this is Our expectation on previous predictions. Key level of short-term are now at the highest price yesterday, US$ 1756 and any rebound will be very limited. Today, we'll see gold price moved in between US$ 1723 and US$ 1730 before getting dropped.

We are located at the target while around US$ 1680, US$ 1670 and then headed from US$ 1650 to US$ 1655. We threatened a bearish pattern if there is upward movement in 1742. As long as gold prices are still below US$ 1730, we remain bearish projections holding on until there is further movement.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Potential Downgrade of the European Zone Affects Gold Price

A negative sentiment came again from the European zone, rating agency S & P puts ratings of debt Germany, France, and several countries in the euro zone into credit watch negative, a stage prior to the decline in ratings.

Of course the news was making conditions in the regional bourses depressed and fell into the red zone. Attenuation is quite deep, led by the Hong Kong stock exchange.

This news also affects the price of gold. Gold moves in and out of positive zone related to investor anxiety after Standard & Poor's put 15 of the 17 countries in the European zone of potential downgrade. Analysts predict that prices will move volatile ahead of the European Union meeting this week.

EUR / USD at 1.3365 vs 1.3400 late Monday in New York. Spot gold was at $ 1,721.60 / ounce, down $ 1.60, while silver at $ 32.09/ons, up 1 cent, platinum at $ 1.521 / ounce, up $ 5 from its closing level while palladium was at $ 632/ons.

Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Invest at the Deficit Condition

Under any circumstances we should always try to keep investing in order that we can maintain and even enhance the lifestyle of today and tomorrow, also in order to achieve future financial goals.
In other words, investment is mandatory for those who do not want their purchasing power to be reduced in the future.

The problem that may occur are:
1. Do we have a sufficient portion of the money to invest? or,
2. What if in fact we do not have a portion of investment?, or the worst conditions,
3. We tend to run into deficit (lack of money)?

For the first and second problems, the wise solution is to perform the efficiency of expenditure. Do it with a minimum target of 10 percent of expenditures. Efficiency in question is rescheduling expenditure which is 'convenience'. Efficiency is done as much as possible for example of the use of cars every day changed to once a week. Use mass public transport or using a bicycle to work. Remember the investment objective is to delay the pleasure and comfort at this time (not eliminate it) but get a much bigger in the future.

We may still need to sacrifice more to cut the amount of expenditure to be cut more significantly, its implementation should be done with extra hard, and certainly with a sacrifice. Saving electricity consumption, air conditioner and/or heater, watch tv shows only at certain hours, etc..

We must change our mindset with only considers that our income by 90 per cent of the total funds received each month. Target expenditure amounted to a maximum of 90 percent so the remaining 10 percent is the value we have to pay as an appreciation for the benefit of our future and beloved family.

The third problem is the heaviest of the two previous cases, the answer is the same as in the case above, but also must be added to see the whether there is productive assets that can be optimized (viewed from the economical). In terms of seeing whether there is an asset that can be optimized financially then we must think clearly so that the action taken can truly meet our needs for investment.

Next after you make an evaluation and it still has assets that can be 'economically empowered' then do not waste too much time to do it, act immediately. If you have a room that is empty (or emptied) in your home, you can start a business. There are many options to create a home industry. There are many people who started the success from the kitchen or even the garage of their home!

In this case you start to do business in the real sector, the ability of management or business management is a primary key. So consider this issue carefully. This business goal is to not add to the deficit but reduce it so that the deficit eroded until exhausted.

The next question is from where the money I spend on capital, my condition is deficit. How is it possible? The first answer is Change your mindset! You are not alone. There are many people whose condition is far worse than you but still successful. Use of bank lending facilities, guaranteed your property, take a business loan with minimum interest count. The move will leverage your personal assets growth.

Once the business starts rolling then use the results of your business optimally by dividing some of the results to do business in the financial sector, for example buy stock, bond, mutual funds, or purchase of gold. Up to this point you've started to build an investment portfolio that is accumulated from your investments real and the financial sector. This means that you have started to diversify the business. Thus your business failure risk factor becomes less and this means the potential addition of your assets to grow.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time for Retailers to Buy Currency Online

When people buy foreign currency and from where? There are several reasons when people need to buy foreign currency for example they may visiting offshore country for fun or commercial purpose, want to send money abroad to a friend, relative or family, you have purchased asset or any service from overseas country and want to pay for it and most obvious if you are a trade and you make income from currency trading. In whatsoever reason, exchange rate is the key factor in your transaction and market which provide platform for this international finance transaction is known as forex or fx (foreign exchange market). It is a market where travelers and traders both can buy currency on line at the best exchange rate.

Many reputed foreign exchange services around the world that provide online forex trading platform for retail investors. These firms also advise travelers to buy currency online when the rate is good. From last couple of years, economical condition of US and UK is facing nervous points. There are not enough jobs in the market and government policies are changed and become a bit unfavorable. In such financial crisis, it is most important to invest in safe market and earn maximum as you can. For travelers, airport kiosks and banks charge large overheads and ruin your pockets. It is wise to buy currency online from the foreign
exchange firms.

These firms not only offer most competitive exchange rates but also they charge 0% overheads. Today, millions of people including large banks, financial organizations and retailers trade in forex to make money.Online forex trading is beneficial for those who is looking for online business from home, businesses who want to make profits and expand their business globally, government controls the market when inflation rate goes very high, regular traders who has made forex trading as their profession and for those who want to buy foreign goods, services or properties.

Forex ,before few years, was not available for retail traders. Before a decade, market started allowing retailers and since then it is growing exponentially. The best part of market is it is not dominated by any single entity. There are thousands of companies, millions of people, commercial banks, central banks around the world are trading forex to make money out of it. There are many online trading firms in US, UK and other parts of world which allow retail traders to register online and coach them to learn forex trading and make profits.Success in online forex trading depends on the position of traders and market condition. Forex specialist can help novice traders to understand market condition and take accurate decision of
entering and existing from trade.

Forex is the only one of its kind market which is traded for 24hrs in all 5 business working days. Thus, those who want to start earning online can set their trading time on their convenience. Unlike stock market, traders need not to pay any kind of registration fees to start trading. The trading firms allow you to sell or buy currency online and do not charge commission. In forex, traders can make gains from both upward and downward condition of the market. Forex is the most liquid market on earth. Per day trading volume in forex is around $19 trillions which is more than the total equity market of US. Forex learning material and trading tool both are offered free thus any average person with computer basics can initiate trading in forex and make money. Volatility of forex ensure profit making opportunities for traders.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Auctions For Income - Profits From EBay

Dave Espino's advertisement offering auctions for income had me creating dreams about making profits with eBay. Once I awakened, I discovered the television still powered on, with Dave Espino's online auctions for earnings commercial promising you can earn at least $500 in your first month, and also lowering the cost of just under $40 to $19.95. Taking into consideration the promise of generating revenue at home online and including a guarantee, is this a program worth buying?

Espino's eBay Guide
I had at one time bought a guide from a retail electronic products store during the late 90s relating to Web based Item listings at eBay, written by an author named Prince, and paid $20 and then found out simply by going through tips on how to investigate sold products for the purpose of cost comparisons, and how to build an effective listing. Understanding this was enough to allow me to generate around $300, offering a surplus color ink jet printer with eBay. This particular guide also gave a lot of time explaining how to wait until the very last possible minute to get in your final offer, consequently enhancing your chances for achieving success cost effectively. I disregarded this advice one time during the process of bidding to get an authentic name brand car CD player and
wound up spending much more than required.

Now it is possible to find library books totally free that give you very good information. Furthermore there's an involved group of eBay users who are willing to give you guidance and recommendations, in addition to the information provided by eBay regarding how to get going.

Dave Espino Promotion
It is claimed that many of us have built up an average of $680 of unused stuff already in the home, and I imagine this is actually the basis for the claim about producing $500 your first thirty days. By just making a diligent effort to check household items, obtain digital camera snapshots, plus prepare a solid description is probably good enough to receive several hundred dollars without using a course. For a $20 product, a lot of people might find it to not be worth the energy to send back merchandise and pay for handling, and then shipping charges both ways.

Locating low cost suppliers in a position to sell when it comes to scaled-down amounts most likely is not particularly simple. Sometimes low-priced less-than-perfect quality goods might be nothing more tempting than what's available at the neighborhood discount store. For things that are in high demand, there is a lot of price competition directly on eBay.

Some individuals possessing a high level of motivation together with resolve have realized value with regards to buying the thousands of dollars of further private instruction available from the Auctions advertising, although I imagine individuals with that level of drive may find comparable information independently.

Auctions For Revenue Product reviews
Dave Espino's head offices are in Chino, California. The local Business Bureau Stability Statement regarding the organization, furnishes a Better Business Bureau Status which in turn is considered the lowest attainable position.

Auctions for income business record status had been reliant in some measure on individuals being informed that you had to join an extra course costing over five thousand dollars to create the level of income presented, and they will need to have an online site. There have been demands starting from 2009 with regards to not authorized and recurring obligations regarding customers' bank cards where folks reportedly were unable to obtain a response from the organization.

Promoting products on the internet revolves around established concepts. The environment adjusts continuously, however the ways to productively sell your own self and your products or services follow specific procedures. To uncover trustworthy tactics to succeed online using virtually any enterprise please see Secrets of Success For Any Business Online. In addition see Meet Daniel Dreifus or get additional details about Daniel Dreifus.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Google AdWords Quality Score - Its Importance in PPC Advertising

Possibly the most lucrative platforms to realize new customers on-line is through Google AdWords. But then, there is such a issue known as Google AdWords Quality Score that recompenses advertisers for being applicable to what someone is searching. It might create publishers to pay additional than they have to, if ignored.

In addition to your most CPC (price per click, or how a lot of you're willing to pay when somebody clicks on your advert), your Quality Score decides your ad position in the sponsored search results. The higher your Quality Score, the lower the CPC Google requires to trigger the displaying of your ads. In order for your campaign to attain the next Quality Score, you've got to optimize your adverts with the assistance of the following recommendations.

1. Relevance of your Ad's Text. To confirm that your ad text has relevancy to the keywords searched, produce keywords that are tightly and closely aligned. As an instance, if you sell ten varieties of a particular manufacture, build a separate advert for each product kind. Although it will take a lot a lot of effort and time than creating one ad for a single keyword, however the results you may get from targeted clicks will
eventually pay off your advertising investment.

2. Your Keyword's Click-Through Rate. Optimize your ads by making your ad copy and body copy extraordinarily relevant to your chosen keywords. This can greatly improve the response from your prospective customers; hence, a better click-via rate (CTR). You're giving Web surfers exactly what they are looking for at the precise moment they need it, when your adverts contain highly related, targeted keywords.

3. Your Historical Performance. It's important that you simply monitor your campaign's performance. Analyze your keywords and study the reasons why your keyword might not be achieving an optimum Quality Score. It is also necessary that you target your ad toward the singular and plural versions of your keywords separately. This can provide you a definitive advantage against your competitors.

4. The Content of your Landing Page. You can't afford to direct prospective customer to the landing page that does not contain what he is looking for at the moment. Hence, formulate a relevant landing page for each keyword that describes your product or service. Do not permit your potentials rummage around for
what's not there, however offer them what they wish immediately in your landing page.

5. Your Website. Your web site is your online store. Offer your customers one thing that will build them return back for more. Create your website totally operational, feature-rich, content-rich, and interesting. This can guarantee that your potentials will get one thing from your web site, instead of from your competition.

Google needs to supply its users with a top quality search experience. If you would like cost-effective PPC Search Marketing , have an wonderful PPC Management. Therefore, take time to optimize your ads to spice up your Quality Score and you may create a win-win answer for your consumers and your company.

About the author: Amie Erickson has been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in PPC Advertising, you can also check out her latest website about:
Install Hardwood Floor Tips Which reviews and lists the best Teak Flooring

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Online Business Niche Idea Development Tips

It is so important to really understand your chosen online business niche before you start creating a website or information product. This is achieved by asking the right questions to really get under the skin of your niche, to find out the exact answers that are being sought and why such questions are being asked. Once you have this information, your marketing will be in tune can so you can create the exact offer the niche wants.

One of the most effective methods for how to develop an online business niche idea is to just start writing down thoughts and ideas. What you are going to write will form the basis of the content that you are going to create. Don't forget that the most simplest method to start your information marketing business is to involve yourself in a niche subject that you yourself already have an interest and passion in and therefor this work will be quite simple to undertake.

Think about and immerse yourself in the topic and put yourself in the position of someone who maybe new to it or has some knowledge and wants to progress further. In that position, what is it that they are feeling, what challenges are they facing? If you are actually involved and have an interest in the niche topic then it is a very good idea to remember what it was like for you when you first started including the problems and challenges that you faced. Having the answers to the following questions you will have in your position what the niche wants, how it should be formatted and in what style and language.

Just write down the the following questions and any others you can think of as headings then answer them. Ask yourself about your background in this niche, how you became involved and what lead you to become involved, what do you like about it, what were the frustrations at the beginning and how were they overcome. Continue by asking what advice would you offer others about entering the niche and where can they go for such advice currently, what are the stages of learning and the current hot topics. It can also be very valuable to have the answers to questions such as knowing what you know now what would you do differently and what would you have liked to have known about but were afraid to ask.

You should not be selective at this stage and rule nothing out as you could well surprise yourself with the direction the revealed answers could take. It is important to just let your mind flow with all the ideas it generates and write it all down. The end result is an extensive list of answers to the actual questions that those in the niche are actively seeking help and assist for. In addition, you now posses the framework for creating a huge amount of in demand content for your niche market. This can be used for email messages, blog posts and creating products such as e-books, audios and videos.

Once you have developed the basis for your online business niche idea you will then have the platform to build an internet business that will be very tuned into the needs and wants of the niche and give you a significant advantage over many other info marketers in the same niche that have not undertaken such work to connect with the particular market.

Imagine if you had an easy follow step by step plan to learn how to create and build a niche internet business and earn money online? It would not be so challenging, so frustrating, would it? Take action now and claim your free “Internet Marketing Insider’s Report”. Take your passion/interest in a subject and find out how to sell what you know. Start today at internet niche ideas

Monday, November 21, 2011

Prices Fell the Glow Gold Dims

Gold is usually used as a safe place to protect the value of assets in the future economic shocks, does not show the performance that should be in the middle of high macroeconomic uncertainty because most investors do not think gold as a safe haven asset again. Gold is only considered as ordinary commodities.

Commodities which priced in U.S. dollars has become more expensive in the eyes of investors who hold other currencies when the dollar higher. Analysts say that gold is likely to follow the movement of the forex market until the end of this year amid the instability of the situation in the eurozone.

Spot price of gold fell 0.5% on Monday after being posted its biggest weekly fall since September, as investors which still worried even after the Spanish rightwing opposition party won the election and is expected to launch which dramatic recovery actions.

Spot gold moved down about 1% to $ 1,717.79 per ounce, after weakening in the week more than 3%. U.S. gold price fell 0.4% to $ 1.719.

Gold can be weakened to 1.680 U.S. dollars / ounce, in the short term, according to Barclays Capital based on technical analysis. gold price fell 3.6% last week amid concerns over European debt crisis.

Gold prices fell as the strengthening of dollar. Equity markets deviate due to anxiety over contagion European crisis and uncertainty the world economy and financial markets. Barclays added the price of gold falls below $ 1.750 / ounce associated physical demand decreased. Spot gold was at $ 1,715.80 / ounce, down $ 9 from the closing level.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gold Price Got through US$ 1800

The price of gold futures through 1800 U.S. dollars per troy ounce (equivalent to 31.1 grams) for the first time in 7 weeks. This occurs because of concerns the European Union leaders are not able to overcome the debt crisis in the region thus increasing demand for gold as a hedge.

Current conditions in the European Union, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi failed to garner the most votes in a routine vote in parliament on Tuesday (11/08/2011) local time. These conditions trigger increasingly calling Berlusconi to resign from his position.

Whereas conditions in the United States, Governor of the Federal Reserve, Ben S. Bernanke, gave a signal that monetary stimulus may be needed to reduce unemployment, while the European Central Bank unexpectedly lowered its base rate last week.

The chaos in the EU has brought fear back on gold trading. The new wave of easing policy by the central bank also helped gold price.

Gold futures for December delivery rose 0.5 percent to its price 1799.20 U.S. dollars per troy ounce at 1:47 o'clock PM, at the Comex in New York, gold price earlier touched U.S. $ 1804.40, which is the highest position since 21 September 2011.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Basic Steps To Starting A Moneymaking Internet Business

A lot of people have been searching on the Internet for a way to learn how to start earning extra money online. Several of these types of programs can run you several thousand dollars. If you would like to know how to get started without a huge budget, go on reading. Here you will be able to start an Internet business inexpensively, you can however invest money later on in order to make use of several traffic programs.

The first thing you will need is to get yourself a domain name and a web hosting account. After you choose target market, you need to come up with a website domain name that includes a keyword you want to target. For instance, if you are starting a web site about dogs and training dogs, you may want to purchase a domain name like This is considered an on-page optimization tactic to help you get better search engine ranking.

After buying a domain name, you will need to do is to find products to market. Being an affiliate marketer is a terrific option for someone who does not yet have a product of his own to market. With affiliate marketing, you simply market other people's products and you are paid a commission on any sales your advertising creates. If you haven't created a product of your own to market or you are searching for the least complicated way to get started earning online, being an affiliate is an excellent choice.

At this point, it is time to build your website around the keywords you have chosen. Take your main keyword and make sure that you place it throughout your main page. This helps the search engines know what your site is all about. In order to see to it that you don't hurt your site's search engine rankings, you do not want to simply load your site with your keywords. Use the keywords you are targeting; just don't overdo it by using keyword stuffing. If you practice keyword stuffing, there is a good chance the search engines will simply ban your website from their results.

Once your website is up, it is time to start building links that point to your site and you will also want to use anchor text for these links. This is when you build links on other web sites that point back to your website. It is also really crucial to use keyword links because this will help you rank higher in the search engines for those keywords. There are many different techniques that can be used when building backlinks. Just remember not to spam any web sites with your links. Try to utilize a technique known as article marketing for building your links.

You can also make use of the search engines to find other ways of generating even more traffic to your new website. While some programs have a fee, you will also be able to find free programs to help you drive website traffic. I would recommend going with mostly the free and low-cost forms of traffic generation when you are just starting. You should not pay $100 or more when you are only starting out to try to drive traffic. You don't need to spend a huge amount of money to start getting website traffic. After all is said and done, getting traffic to your website is going to mean the difference between success and failure.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Spend Less and Save More With The Use Of Free Coupons

Countless numbers of free coupons are roaming everywhere. You can find them just inside your favorite stores or as you came across another store you will be surprised someone is handing them down to you hoping that you will get inside their business establishments and make use of the free coupons in buying your items from them. Even in the internet, hundreds and hundreds of free coupons are being posted each day to many coupon websites online just waiting to be discovered by you. In order to gain huge savings, you need to know how to use your coupons effectively while spending fewer amounts for your purchases. It is necessary to create a list of the items with their corresponding retail prices that you will have to buy. With the list you have, you will be guided accordingly to what kind of coupons you will need to look for. Oftentimes, you will be able to encounter several numbers of coupons for the same items and thus giving you more options to choose for the best coupons where you can get the greatest savings.

Before going out for your trip, it is necessary to bring with you a list of all the things that you need to buy. This will help you a lot in maximizing the savings you can get with the free coupons and to avoid from making impulsive buying. You should stick with your list when doing your shopping activities so your free coupons will be able to serve its purpose which is to help you save more money. If you will be going out for your shopping trip without the list of the things that you intend to buy for that day, apparently you will end up buying unnecessary things just because you have free coupons for them or you simply buy them because of the free coupons attached to it even though you don't necessarily need them. Instead of saving your money with the use of free coupons, you eventually spend more with the things you do not need the most and thus no amount has been saved.

Be a smart coupon user by matching your free coupons with the items that are on sale. In this way, you will be able to get the item even up to 50% off which is really a great advantage for you. There are also retail stores that allow you to use two different coupons for buying a single item at the same time. Every retail stores have their own policies pertaining to use of the free coupons and it is significant that you have learned about all these policies. If you have the knowledge about their coupon rules, you will be able to know how to maximize your savings with the use of the free coupons that you have. provides 1000's of free coupons for Everyone. Grocery Coupons - Retail Coupons - Manufacturer Coupons - Sunday Paper Coupons - Food Coupons - Restaurant Coupons

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Simple Commercial Real Estate Loans Funding

If you are planning to open a large enterprise, however lack the adequate of funding, then you'll be able to make the decision to acquire a commercial real estate loan. This loan will be procured through different means depending on your monetary capabilities. The most perfect resolution though is utilize a broker, because this project may occasionally require quite some.

People who find themselves preparing to open up a enterprise however don't have the capital to take action often resort to getting a commercial real estate loan, but the query is, how one can get one? Even enterprise homeowners with credit scores that attain 700 and higher are nonetheless turned down by financial institutions for commercial real estate loans. So generally, they discover it really exhausting to get financing, given the restricted options. Despite this, there are a variety of ways folks can get commercial real estate loans. All you want to do is to make sure the supply or the financial lender that it is possible for you to to pay your mortgage on the agreed time that it is due. Here are some ways so that you can get hold of a business loan with none of those hassles involved.

Quite a few business house owners go along with bank cards so as to get hold of a industrial loan. Actually, this is called a quick approach to get a mortgage, and it is easy to set up. On the other hand, the interest rate and charges can exceed a charge of 18-27%, making you lose most of your earnings to the bank card company. Another choice that you need to use in order to get a loan is through investors. Though they are an possibility, it have to be noted that there's very little investment cash available at this time for each new and current businesses. If you want to use an investor, he/she would wish to manage a part of your business. It will undoubtedly affect the dynamics of you needing a enterprise to name "yours".

Some industrial loans are also obtained through exhausting money lending. Often known as asset based lending, that is an choice in case you are an proprietor of your very personal commercial property. The rates of interest for a business mortgage obtained this way is excessive, often at the least up by 15%, and it usually comes with a brief time period and excessive points. That is a lot of money that can be used for different financial functions, but it surely does not provide a sensible long-term answer on your business.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Job Opportunity in finance at Tata Consultancy Services

Job Description
Good Receipt/Invoice Receipt Associate - Midland,


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has an exciting opportunity in Finance. Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that delivers real results to global business, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. TCS offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT, BPO (busines process outsourcing), infrastructure, engineering and assurance services. This is delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery Model™, recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development.

A part of the Tata Group, India's largest industrial conglomerate, TCS has over 202,000 of the world's best trained consultants in 42 countries. The Company generated consolidated revenues of US $ 8.2 billion for year ended 31 March, 2011 and is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India. For more information, visit us at

Come join us and experience certainty as never before!

This posting is for a Good Receipt/Invoice Receipt Associate in the Business Process Service Center located on East Patrick Rd. The role exists to ensure that the liabilities related to the procurement of raw materials, M&S, packaging material and services are accurately stated and valid. Any noncompliance with these work processes could lead to inaccurate liability values.

Key Responsibilities:

Create semi-monthly reports
* Investigate and resolve quantity differences between amounts received and invoiced.
* Requires working with invoicing, payables, shipping, receiving, cost accounting and others.

This job is located in Midland, MI.


Experience Preferred:

* Two (2) years experience in Accounting field
* Accounting experience (SAP) and MS application skills such as ACCESS, EXCEL, EXCEL MACROS and WORD are preferred. Business Objects, and Monarch are also beneficial.


* Associate degree in Accounting

A minimum requirement for this U.S. - based position is the ability to work legally in the United States on a permanent basis (must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. Permanent Resident).

Job: Finance
Primary Location: US-MI-Midland
Job Posting:Oct 31, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Gold price shines again

Gold price surged again touched its highest level in one month after European leaders agreed on a rescue plan for the debt crisis. This lifted sentiment in financial markets. As known European leaders have agreed on a rescue package from the debt crisis. This makes the euro strengthened against the U.S. dollar.

The spot price of gold in trading Thursday (10/27/2011) touched U.S. $ 1728.11 per ounce from U.S. $ 1722.69 per ounce is a rising fifth time. While the futures price of gold also touched the highest level at U.S. $ 1,729.8 per ounce from U.S. $ 1,724.2 per ounce.

Gold prices rose on expectations of a fairly well on the European crisis management plan. The increase in the stock market and solid economic data from China also appear to provide strong sentiment for gold price movements. Optimism for China's economic growth will push up prices of all commodities, including gold

Gold price rose for two consecutive days amid optimism that the EU will soon find the best solution to rescue the European crisis. It is estimated that the recapitalization will be the first step has been approved to avoid a banking crisis becomes a systemic problem.

Gold price also rose in the U.S. because of concerns about the existence of the U.S. Central Bank plans to buy securities in the third round of a large number intended to improve economic growth, could trigger inflation. Gold received support because there is a general consensus that the Federal Reserve will provide a stimulus to support growth in the U.S. Currently the investment began to return to gold as fears of debt crisis in Europe is not yet clear ends and demand for hedging from the possibility of inflation.

Gold will move with stable in the range area of 1.700 U.S. dollars / oz-$ 1.720 / oz next few sessions, according to technical analysis MKS Finance. Resistance level in the range of 1.750 U.S. dollars / ounce. Spot gold moved around positive territory in early trading on Asian markets with high levels at $ 1,749.56 / oz and a low level at $ 1,741.70 / oz. "The price of gold was helped safe-haven demand". Strong support level of gold around the MA 100-day at $ 1.670 / ounce and MA 21-day at $ 1.668 / ounce and MA 7-day at $ 1.658 / ounce.

Strong performance of silver helps to reduce the ratio of gold / silver. The ratio of gold / silver currently around 49.56 from 51.60 on Thursday (27/10). Spot gold was at $ 1,743.90 / ounce, down $ 1.80, while silver $ 35.19/ounce, up 10 cents from its closing level.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the Gold Price for December Delivery Fell

Gold sheen seems to fade soon, leaving the price of 1730 U.S. dollars per troy ounce and opens the possibility to decrease up to 1580 U.S. dollars per troy ounce. Gold prices fell 10.9 percent in September, but rose 2.6 percent this month. The commodity brokers said, the problem in the euro zone will continue to dominate investor sentiment. The situation in Europe will also dictate the market direction.

S & P lowered the Spanish long-term debt rating one level to AA- and motion of no confidence in the Italian parliament also dominated investor sentiment. In addition, a stronger U.S. dollar exchange rate will depress the price of commodities whose price is denominated in U.S. dollars will seem more expensive.

Silver price is expected to be in the range of 35-36 U.S. dollars per troy ounce. The price of gold at current spot market at 1672.70 U.S. dollars per troy ounce. Gold price in futures trading fell from the highest position for three weeks as the dollar rallied (length increase). As a result, demand for gold as an alternative asset down.

The dollar strengthened 0.8 percent against six major currencies since Germany reduce expectations of a quick resolution to the debt crisis of the European Union. Last month, the U.S. dollar strengthened even as much as 6 percent, while gold prices fell by 11 percent. The strengthening U.S. dollar has become a burden for gold.

Market players seem only to wait in line with the volatility of gold prices. No a big action in buying gold right now, investors who own the precious metal is also not willing to let go. Gold futures for December delivery fell 0.4 percent to its price of 1676.60 U.S. dollars per troy ounce (equivalent to 31.1 grams) at 1:41 PM at the Comex in New York. Earlier, gold prices touched U.S. $ 1696.80 price. This is the highest price for a most-active contract since 23 September 2011. Last week, Gold was up 2.9 percent. The increase was greatest for more than a month.

Monday, October 17, 2011

How to invest wisely: investing tips for beginners

Preaching about the loss of customer funds, bulging investment and accounts burglary in some of the media make us afraid to invest. And also many clients who suffered investment losses as a result of improper practices of unscrupulous financial practitioners. Is it necessarily make us decide not to invest? Fear of investing! Why?

Nothing in this world that is free of risk. There are no conditions that will always be in line with expectations and desires. You may say, then what? what should we do? The answer is: Stay invested (Keep Investing)

Investment planning

Investment can be planned, even had to be planned. Investment planning process is the one that became the starting point where your investment will lead to success or failure. what is investment planning? Investment Planning is a process of how you accumulate assets and regular income that you have today to prepare for funding requirements that will happen in the future.

What are the funding needs in the future? Education your child's school, where they will continue to university, the preparation of your pension, your sons and daughters weddings and other financial obligations that will arise in the future, that things become a necessity in your future. Financial obligations in the future are certain to happen, you can not resist and escape.

The next question, Does Investing Is the Best Choice? Yes, as long as you do proper planning then the investment is the best option.

Here are some steps you can take when planning to Invest:

1. Determine goal / purposes of your Investment
You must determine what your investing goals is. Does the funds you invest only for safety (hedging), to get a regular income (cash flow routines) or you expect a development fund (growth). Once you have established which you choose your investment will be run according to your choice. Many people when investing, do not know their goal. Generally they invest because they see or hear their friend make a profit and then tried to snap out of it.

2. Know your investment risks
Each investment must contain risk. No investment is risk free. But you must remember behind every risk there must be a profit. Risk and profit go hand in hand.
High risk must have high gain and vice versa. If you've been offered an investment product that there is no risk but has a higher profit -That's too good to be true- then there are two things we can conclude: The seller is a fraud, or the seller is stupid.

3. Determine when your investment funds will be used
You should already know exactly when your funds are needed, what is it worth and for any purposes. If you already know the details when it's needed, then the process of selecting an appropriate investment instruments for the purpose will be easier. Generally, investment products are divided by time period: Short-term (1-2 years), Medium Term (2-5 Years) and Long-Term (> 5 years).

4. Make a list of options of investment instruments
where to invest your money? There are many investment instruments in the market. Starting from investing in stocks, investing in bonds, investing in gold, Mutual Funds, ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), commodities and options. Many people began to invest in the first time because they are offered by the nearest person or did not know any other investment types. It is appropriate that you do research on products in the market, then learned the character of each product. Decide which ones you think are most suitable and appropriate to your character and your investment goal that's best investments for you.

5. Determine how much funding will be invested and how often you will place the funds
Why is this important? because some investment options typically have a minimum requirement of investment placement. Therefore you need to know how much money you will invest. The benefit is that you can instantly determine if you will invest at once (lump sum) or will regularly every month. It has something to do with the method of investment. Both methods are equally good, but from some investment literature found that the more often you invest more and more efficiently the results of your investment.

6. Implementation
You've planned, already knows which investment will you choose, and your funds has been prepared. Now, It is time to turn the plan into action / implementation. Many people are good at making plans but never implement the plans. How will you get to the destination if you do not start running. As long as you have planned well, then do not be afraid to start moving. If the plan has been prepared as possible then the implementation will run in line with expectations as well.

7. Monitoring and Evaluate Your Investment funds
Monitoring of investment useful to know what actions must be done if the plan and the implementation that you've done, it strayed far. You will be the primary decision maker on what actions should be done. Do not just rely on information from others or your investment advisor. Heartbreaking events that just happened on the loss of billions of dollars of customer funds is due to investors believe too full and not routinely monitoring the funds.

The reality is, investing is not easy. Need to continue to learn and not give up when tripped. World Investment continues to grow and very dynamic, where investment opportunities continue to come to you. The steps above can be used as the first reference when you want to invest.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Pressure of Europe to Asia Enlarges

Pressure from the problem of the debt crisis in Europe towards other regions, including Asia, is feared enlarged. The IMF estimates that Europe has the potential escalation of the crisis triggered selling assets in Asia, triggered the policy of foreign banks to cut lending to Asia.

EU Commission declared that EFSF is fully operational after Slovakia said it would support the bailout area. Support for Italian Prime reduced but is expected to successfully pass the parliamentary motion of no confidence in terms of budget policy.

Political chaos in Italy is potentially aggravate the situation in Europe. Credit Suisse estimates that at least 66 banks in Europe could potentially fail to pay if the European Union to revise the provisions of stress tests and capital increased to USD302, 3 billion. Major banks such as RBS, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas will require a total capital of 47 billion Euro.

U.S. stocks closed thin lower after a rally reinforcement in three days. This slight decline was triggered weak financial performance of JP Morgan, but instead Google posted fairly good financial performance. Asia's main index moved lower this morning. China reported a decline in trading in September. Weakening exports that occurs is the effect of strengthening the Yuan since mid-August.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vemma Business Opportunity Review

Vemma business opportunity review breaks down the compensation plan of this company with regards to how it is structured and how the participants generate income. This company is set up in a way to have multiple ways of generating income based off of individual and team performances within weekly and monthly periods.

The marketing plan of the business opportunity of Vemma is broken up into two sections; immediate and long term income. Each of these are further broken down with qualifications that determine what the brand partner is eligible and is based off of their qualifying volume (QV) which they call "reward points." The concept behind the company is to build two different teams that are called left and right teams, for the majority of the qualifications both teams must contain personally enrolled members. Based on these qualifications the brand partner can earn 50% of commissionable volume weekly if they are active.

Immediate Income:

In order to be active and therefore qualify to earn income, the brand partner must have an auto-delivery order of 60 reward points and for platinum and above in the plan they must have 120 reward points. This will allow you to then be eligible for the weekly income from the fast start bonus. With this you receive income on the first order of personally enrolled brand partners and consumers. In order to fund these bonuses though, only half of the reward points will be earned.

The company also designates three months of the year, which they choose, to donate a portion of the monthly income of the company to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Long Term Income:

This is where the compensation plan gets confusing. There are quite a few bonuses that can be qualified for and based on enrolling brand partners and reward points. The first one is the cycle bonus, which is qualified for by earning 120 reward points and having two personally enrolled brand partners on each side of your team. This will allow you to earn approximately $22-25 each week. There are also cycle earning levels that allow the teams to switch back and forth again based on reward points.

There is then an enrolled marketing bonus which requires 120 reward points and four personally enrolled brand partners, at least one on each side. This will make you eligible for a 10% bonus on the cycle earnings bonus on those you personally enrolled. The next is a second tier marketing bonus, which cannot be earned if the person has already earned the enrolled marketing bonus. This qualification is 120 reward points and six personally enrolled brand partners. This bonus cannot exceed $5,000 per month unless the person is platinum and above.

There are then a few more bonuses that can be achieved based on rank within the company. One of those is the momentum bonus. All of these have multiple requirements and qualifications.

The overall marketing plan of this company is hard to follow. Each way to earn income has numerous qualifications and rules as to who will receive the income and most have limitations as to how much income can be earned on a weekly or monthly basis.

Vemma business opportunity review shows an overview of how the compensation plan works for the individual brand partners. This opportunity requires the brand partners to build two teams below them, that they can generate an income from depending on their qualifications.

Alyse kelly
About the Author:

There are many business opportunities on the market that people can explore. It is important to evaluate each opportunity based on the marketing plan and the products the company has to offer. To learn more about a legitimate business you can visit

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Condition of Greece's Debt and its Effect on Dollar and Gold

Investors hunt for safe havens, especially U.S. Treasury and gold to avoid risky assets after Greece has been getting closer to default on its debts.
If using credit-default swaps, it costs a record $5.8 million upfront and $100,000 annually to insure $10 million of Greece’s debt for five years, up from $5.5 million in advance on Sept. 9, according to CMA.

Athens authorities said the deficit target in 2011 would have missed so that Greece requires additional funds which is bigger than expected. Greek 2011 deficit has been estimated to reach 8.5% to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This figure is much higher than the previous target of 7.6% for 2011 as well as a requirement of lenders.

On the other hand, Greece budget is also increasingly severe because in 2012 the deficit should be reduced even lower to a level of 6.8% of GDP. This figure is still above the lenders target at 6.5% deficit in Greece next year.

Angela Merkel -German Chancellor- said that she won’t let Greece go into “uncontrolled insolvency” as politicians try to limit contagion to other euro members.

If later Greeks really experienced default, likely, EU policy makers will strive Greece default to be 'controlled default' or 'orderly default'. That is, Greece creditors would be forced to take a 50% discount on their investment. The goal is the banking sector in Europe will be able to deal with.

Serious problems that occurred in Europe makes the U.S. dollar rose against most major currencies including the euro. U.S. dollar index rose 0.51% to as low as 79.47 from 79.30 previously. Against the euro, the dollar strengthened to a level of U.S. $ 1.3354 from U.S. $ 1.3390 per euro.

Gold futures also rose for a second session as market players worried about the condition of Greece. That way, the demand for gold and other metals also surged. Supposedly, Tuesday (10/04/2011) is the day of approval of the bailout worth 8 billion euros (equivalent to 10.7 million U.S. dollars) to Greece. However, it was postponed until mid-October. Therefore the potential for Greece olderly default is feared will rise. With this condition, the possibility of physical gold demand will increase in coming days.

In the aftermath of the recent selloff, the gold price position is further than before. And, current conditions is a positive signal (bullish) for the price in the future.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Things to be Prepared When the Crisis Came

Imperceptibly we've entered the month of October and the market turbulence continues. When we got out (to the trade) before the market drop means the position is more secure. But what about our investments for the long term? What should be done and observed by us in such conditions at these times while waiting and hoping the stock grow up again?

When we waiting for stock (exchange) there are some things we have noticed with our financial portfolio so that we do not make the family's financial situation getting worse. The first should always be considered and taken care of is the amount of the Emergency Fund that we have. Are the numbers still correspond to our needs? Do we ever use in part of the Emergency Fund before and yet repaying again?

Back to the Emergency Fund formula, for those who are still single and do not have children / dependents then it only takes 3 months for monthly needs, or to more easily calculated from the income. For having 2 dependents must provide funds amounting to 6 months income. Whereas if we have more than 2 dependents, Emergency Fund should be prepared for 12 months.

Make sure the number of our Emergency Fund remains adequate and in accordance with our needs and placed on a secure financial products and can be withdrawn at any time. The last thing we do not want to happen is, when the stock was down all of a sudden we're stuck in an emergency, while our Emergency Fund amount is less or does not suit our needs. As a result we have to dilute our investment in financial/ capital market products that are currently the number has definitely decreased.

The second thing we have to consider within current circumstances is to ascertain whether our insurance policy keep running and ready at any time needed. For some of us who have limited health insurance coverage (there's nominal limit per year), check whether our limit and family are still okay and the numbers are sufficient if there are conditions under which we should be treated.

If we buy own insurance (particularly health insurance hospitalization), make sure you have paid insurance dues and make sure the policy is still running (not lapse). Notice also the types of policies and protections that we have, do not get wrong when buy type of insurance. Let us not forget to pay the insurance policies that have matured, if our policy lapse, in an emergency we can not use the insurance to pay the claims of our hospital.

In the current market conditions that broke down as it is today and might have an impact on the economic crisis, the economic situation became unstable. If this happened within a long time, it did not rule on company performance. When the condition worsens it can happen the company where we worked has financial difficulties or even losses. Beware. Therefore, in an unstable condition as now it is not advisable to create new debt, especially consumer debt. Hold first to not buy goods that have not been needed until the condition gradually recovered.

Finally, within the current conditions prevailing 'Cash is the King'. By holding more cash we can use it when needed in emergency conditions. In addition, cash can be used to take the opportunity to invest when prices are stuck down and started up again so that we can invest in a cheap price. Which must always remember is, every crisis or decline in stock prices and other investment instruments, there is always a chance for profit. Then, a genius who dare to take risks will have many advantages.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why the Gold Price Falls

The price of gold back down for the fifth time in six sessions as the dollar reversed course (rebound). The condition is reducing demand for gold as an investment alternative. Currently people to trade gold as a commodity.

Trading gold futures for December delivery fell 34.40 U.S. dollars or 2.1 percent, to USD 1618.10 at 13:43 am local time on the COMEX, New York. Gold prices were down 16 percent from a record price of 1923.70 on September 6. While the U.S. dollar rose 0.7 percent today against a number of other currencies.

Factors that influence the price of gold
Past, Gold is one of the instruments to be hunted when economic conditions worse to secure investment because the price tends to be stable or becomes hedging instruments when the economy improves to protect the investment from the surge in inflation. But lately the function of gold in the big picture began to change somewhat even function as a safe haven and hedging is still an impact.

Gold price in recent months is influenced by various factors, such as the U.S. dollar devaluation, diversification or changes in foreign exchange reserves, the risk appetite on assets such as commodities and concerns on inflation.

One of the biggest factors affecting gold price is a commodity market, which trade commodities like crude oil products, sugar, coffee, soybeans and others. Rise and fall of gold price tend to be on the steering wheel by the performance of commodity markets.

In recent months the market is driven by the risk appetite and avoid risks. When the appetite to increase the risk of market players get into some of the financial sector, such as stocks, currencies, yielding a high return and commodities.

Usually this risk appetite increased when the market expect the global economic conditions improve and vice versa, if the market is unsure of the economic conditions they fled to safe-haven assets or chasing the U.S. dollar. In this space a lot of moves in gold price is more likely to follow commodity markets than the problem of safe-haven or hedging positions.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gold Price Drop Sharply

Futures gold trading fell sharply. Why is gold price drop sharply? There are many reason which affect the current gold price.

China's financial support plan to help Europe's debt crisis. China was reported to be buying some bonds from countries affected by the crisis. This situation will reduce demand for precious metals.

The price of gold drop to its lowest in three weeks, as a signal that European banks have the funds until the end of the year, thus eroding the concern that the crisis in the region could get worse.

European Central Bank (ECB) in coordination with international policy makers, providing loans in the form of U.S. dollars to banks as an aid in the face of the credit crisis. Conversely, stocks actually go up in the United States and Europe, along with Germany and France to ensure that Greece would remain a part of the European Union. Moreover, China plans to buy bonds in Euro.

The decline in gold prices is a sign of a spontaneous reaction to the statement of the ECB, where people see as something positive for the European economy.

In trading on the Comex, New York, at 1:56 PM local time, on the trading price of gold futures for December delivery drop USD 45.10 or 2.5 percent, to price position of USD 1781.40 per troy ounce (equivalent to 31.1 grams). Earlier, gold had touched lows on August 26, 2011, at the position of USD 1775.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gold Price Fell Back

Along with the fears of Greece potential default on its debts, the gold price has decreased. This decline took place from Saturday (09/11/2011). This is due to action of the investors who sold the precious metal to cover losses in other investment instruments. The price of gold for quick delivery dropped 0.7 percent to 1842.25 U.S. dollar positions per troy ounce (equivalent to 31.1 grams), and reached 1847.70 U.S. dollars in trade in Singapore. Though the price of gold briefly hit 1921.15 U.S. dollars per troy ounce on September 6.

In contrast to the general conditions, the price of gold for December delivery in New York, which is usually contrary to the U.S. dollar, rose by 0.8 percent from USD 1850.20 to USD 1844.60 per troy ounce. Gavin Wendt, founder and director of Mine Life Pty said that the U.S. dollar currency has been sold quite significant, but he can not see it continuously as the U.S. has got a big problem that needs to be resolved.

Gold futures trading fell for the first time in three sessions as traders who sold the precious metal. This was done to cover the falling stock losses for fear of escalating debt crisis of Europe. Globally, stocks fell on speculation of Chancellor Angela Merkel's preparations against Greece in default. Thus leaving a space for the global stock market to be in poor condition.

In contrast to the conditions of gold, the dollar has strengthened to its highest level in six months against six major currencies. In fact, in this September, gold prices had touched a record 1923.70 per troy ounce on September 6, 2011. And now, gold scored a record price in Euro and Swiss francs.

To note, the price of futures gold for December delivery fell 46.20 U.S. dollars or 2.5 percent, to 1813.30 in trading on the Comex, in New York, 1:30 local time on Tuesday (13/09/2011).

Gold has been in market conditions continued to rise for 11 years. An ultimate victory since 1920 in London, along with the diversification of investors other than equities and currencies. The growth of the gold price has reached 28 percent this year, defeating global stocks or commodities. Overall, the gold price has grown 30 percent this year.

Gold prices expected to fall below 1700 U.S. dollars per troy ounce in September 2011. However, the price of precious metals is also estimated to be re-spiked to reach U.S. $ 2,000 price level in October.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gold Price Down Up to 3%

The court decision in Germany is expected to help resolve the crisis in European kept investors excited hunt shares again. German court rejected a lawsuit to block the country's desire to join in efforts to provide aid to Greece and other countries affected by the crisis. European and U.S. exchanges also immediately rocketed by the decision.

Investors dumped gold and hunted stocks and thus make the price of gold fell to 3%. In trading Wednesday (09/07/2011), price of gold in the spot market recorded falls of up to U.S. $ 57 to U.S. $ 1,815 per ounce, even had time to hit the lowest record intra day at U.S. $ 1793.19. The decline in gold price came after the gold price had hit the highest record of U.S. $ 1,920 per ounce on Tuesday.

In the futures markets, gold for December delivery also fell U.S. $ 55.70 to U.S. $ 1,817.60 per ounce, and moving in the range of U.S. $ 1,883.20-US $ 1,793.80.

On Tuesday, gold price hit the highest a record at U.S. $ 1,920.30 per ounce after the Swiss Central Bank decided to fix its currency against the euro in order to prevent further strengthening. But after marked a record, gold price has corrected immediately. Although a liquidation, but analysts said gold was still in a rally position because -likely to the intervention of the Swiss central bank, others central bank will seek to compare with it to prevent its currency to appreciate too much.

Efforts to resist currency appreciation means that gold will move higher because it is considered as safe havens.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gold Price Drop

Gold price slumped sharply after briefly hit a record high of above U.S. $ 1,900 per ounce. This is the largest decline in gold price, so analysts began to re-think about the gold price rally is already peaked.

In the spot market, gold prices dropped of U.S. $ 90, after reaching record highs of U.S. $ 1911.46. The fall in gold price happens when Wall Street rose sharply, with the Dow Jones shot up to 2.5%.

In trading Tuesday (08/23/2011), price of gold recorded in the spot market fell 3.7% to U.S. $ 1,826.60. Gold recorded its biggest daily decline since February 2010.

Analysts warned the possibility of a sharp correction after rising gold price reached 8% in the last three sessions, or have already reached U.S. $ 400 per ounce since July.

Gold had reached a point where it moves U.S. $ 40-50 per ounce in a moment of commemoration. It's not a safe investment, obviously this is far from secure, but the riot. It is a psychological manifestation of the masses and this is frightening.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Job Opportunities as Clerk/Assistant

If you are looking for job, I have information about job opportunities that might be interesting and in accordance with you. find job is difficult today, so slightest chance of there must be exploited. The opportunities are as government jobs. I did not write the link directly, so you need to copy and paste into the address bar in your browser

Job Title: Clerk/Assistant
Department: Department Of The Air Force
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Job Announcement Number: SUM-438893-GS0303-1/4-OCA

SALARY RANGE: $17,803.00 - $31,871.00 /year
OPEN PERIOD: Monday, February 28, 2011 to Friday, August 26, 2011
SERIES & GRADE: GS-0303-01/04
POSITION INFORMATION: Multiple Schedules Summer NTE Summer
DUTY LOCATIONS: Multiple duty locations - visit here: for more info
WHO MAY BE CONSIDERED: Student Temporary Employment Eligibles (STEP), VRA, 30% Disabled Veterans, Reinstatement, and Certain Military Spouse (EO 13473)

The mission of the USAF is to fly, fight and win…in air, space and cyberspace.

To achieve that mission, the Air Force has a vision of Global Vigilance, Reach and Power. That vision orbits around three core competencies: Developing Airmen, Technology to War fighting and Integrating Operations. Core competencies and distinctive capabilities are based on a shared commitment to three core values -- integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.



This Is A Standing Register For ANTICIPATED Vacancies. There May Or May Not Be Positions Which Become Available.

Applicants May Be Referred For Consideration As Vacancies Occur And Based On The Eligibility Claimed At The Time Of Application And When A Certificate Is Issued.

U.S. Citizenship Required
Travel and relocation expenses will not be paid
This announcement is to fill anticipated Summer Positions Only
These are temporary summer positions with various not to exceed dates
Incumbent may be extended without further competition
Salary range encompasses GS-01 thru GS-04 and does not include locality

Additional Duty Location Info:

Few vacancies - Lackland AFB, TX; Few vacancies - Seymour Johnson, NC; Few vacancies - Langley AFB, VA; Few vacancies - Gunter AFB, AL; Few vacancies - Andrews AFB, MD; Few vacancies - Bolling AFB, DC; Few vacancies - Hickam AFB, HI; Few vacancies - Shaw AFB, SC; Few vacancies - Randolph AFB, TX; Few vacancies - Peterson AFB, CO; Few vacancies - Minot AFB, ND; Few vacancies - Nellis AFB, NV; Few vacancies - McChord AFB, WA; Few vacancies - Westover ARB, MA

The duties identified are at the GS-04 grade level. Duties at the lower grade levels are similar with less complexity and more supervisory instruction and review.
Answers the telephone and refers callers/visitors to appropriate personnel based on specific name or functional area request.
Picks up, received, opens, sorts, and distributes mail to appropriate individuals following specific instructions.
Prepares and maintains office records of various types.
Sorts, codes, and files documents using an established filing system and obtain information from files as requested.
Dispose of office records/files in accordance with established regulations and procedures.
Perform routine, miscellaneous clerical work.

Qualifications and Evaluations

US citizenship of legal age to work in the state you live and willing and able to successfully perform the duties of the position.

GENERAL EXPERIENCE: Must have at least three (3) months of general experience (general experience such as administrative, technical, clerical, military, or other work that involved following written procedures, rules, or regulations in contact with coworkers, supervisors, or members of the public to provide a service, respond to inquiries, or obtain information.)

GENERAL EXPERIENCE: Must have at least six (6) months of general experience (general experience such as administrative, technical, clerical, military, or other work that involved following written procedures, rules, or regulations in contact with coworkers, supervisors, or members of the public to provide a service, respond to inquiries, or obtain information.)

GENERAL EXPERIENCE: Must have at least one (1) year of general experience (general experience such as administrative, technical, clerical, military, or other work that involved following written procedures, rules, or regulations in contact with coworkers, supervisors, or members of the public to provide a service, respond to inquiries, or obtain information.)


To view qualifying educational requirements and/or combination of education and specialized experience visit here

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES (KSAs): Your qualifications will be evaluated on the basis of your level of knowledge, skills, abilities and/or competencies in the following areas:

1. Knowledge of various office automation software programs, tools, and techniques to support office operations and produce a variety of documents, such as letters, reports, spreadsheets, databases, and graphs.

2. Knowledge of rules, procedures, or operations applied to clerical assignment to perform the routine, procedural work of the office, such as preparing and editing documents, maintaining files/records, screening telephone calls and visitors, and processing mail.

3. Knowledge of filing systems and procedures and the subject matter content of the materials being processed.

4. Ability to locate, assemble, and compose routine, non-technical information for recurring reports and inquiries.

5. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, using tact and courtesy.

PART-TIME OR UNPAID EXPERIENCE: Credit will be given for appropriate unpaid and or part-time work. You must clearly identify the duties and responsibilities in each position held and the total number of hours per week.

ARE YOU USING YOUR EDUCATION TO QUALIFY? You MUST provide transcripts to support your educational claims. Education must be accredited by an accrediting institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

FOREIGN EDUCATION: Education completed in foreign colleges or universities may be used to meet the requirements. You must show proof the education credentials have been deemed to be at least equivalent to that gained in conventional U.S. education program. It is your responsibility to provide such evidence when applying.

Your latest resume will be used to determine your qualifications.

We will review of your application. Your resume must reflect the experience you identified on the questionnaire. HR Specialists use your responses to the questionnaire, along with your resume and supporting documentation, to determine if you meet regulatory appointment authority and qualifications as listed in this vacancy announcement. If, after reviewing your resume and supporting documentation, a determination is made that you inflated your qualifications and/or experience your score may be adjusted to more accurately reflect your abilities or you may be found ineligible/not qualified. Please follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your rating and/or appointment eligibility.

Benefits of Working for the Federal Government - Click here for an overview of the benefits currently offered to Federal employees

Males born after 12-31-59 must be registered or exempt from Selective Service. For additional information, visit here

Employed Annuitants (Reemployed Annuitants): Applicants in receipt of an annuity based on civilian employment in the Federal Service are subject to the DoD Policy on The Employment of Annuitants. Visit here for more information.

Temporary and Term Appointments: If you are selected for a temporary or term position, your appointment may be extended to the maximum period allowed by law without further competition.

90-Day Register: This announcement may result in a 90-day register that may be used to fill like vacancies for 90 days after the closing date. Applicants may be referred for consideration as vacancies occur.


To apply for this position, you must provide a complete Application Package which includes:

1. Your Resume
2. A complete Occupational Questionnaire
3. Additional Required Documents (see Required Documents section below)

To be considered for a vacancy, the complete Application Package must be submitted before a certificate is requested and issued. This is a standing register and only qualified/eligible applicants with complete applications will be referred as requests are received. It is recommended you submit a complete application at the time you apply.

To begin the process, click the Apply Online button to create an account or log in to your existing USAJOBS account. Follow the prompts to complete the occupational questionnaire. Please ensure you click the Submit My Answers button at the end of the process.

To fax supporting documents you are unable to upload, visit for the required cover page. This Vacancy ID is 438893. Fax your documents to 1-478-757-3144.

If you cannot apply online:

1. Click the following link to view and print the questionnaire View Occupational Questionnaire
2. OPM Form 1203-FX must be provided to show your responses to the occupational questionnaire. Visit for the OPM Form 1203-FX., and
3. Fax all required documents to 1-478-757-3144. Your OPM Form 1203-FX will be the cover page for your fax transmission.

PLEASE NOTE: The numbering on the OPM Form 1203-FX will not match the Occupational Questionnaire. Section 25 of the Occupational Questionnaire restarts with number one, so when entering your responses please continue regardless of number sequence. This issue has been identified and will be resolved as soon as possible. Applicants are responsible for ensuring their responses are transferred accurately.

The following documents are required and must be provided at the time of application or prior to a certificate being issued, whichever occurs first, or you will miss consideration for that certificate.
Online Application (Questionnaire)
Resume (must include beginning/ending month & year for each employment period)

If selected, you will be required to submit the following documents to substantiate your eligibility and/or qualifications, within 48 hours of notification. To expedite processing, please submit your substantiating documents at the time you apply. A list of required documents for all eligibilities may be located here

STEP (Documentation to substantiate current student status)
Eligibility Documentation, SF50, DD214, etc.
Transcripts, if qualifying based on education or positive education series

If you are faxing any documents, visit for the official cover sheet to print. The fax number is 478-757-3144

Ensure all submitted documents contain your full name, address, phone number and last four digits of your social security number.

Phone: (800)525-0102
TDD: (800)382-0893
Email: CALL_ONLY_DO_NOT_EMAIL_@1800.525.0102 Agency Information:
Air Force Personnel Center
PLEASE FAX TO 478-757-3144

When a request to fill a vacancy is received, your application will be evaluated and if referred, you will receive a notice of referral. Please note: you will not receive any notices for Standing Register announcements other than acknowledgement, notice of rating, and referral notices should your application be referred to a Selecting Official for consideration and disposition notice on those referrals. Non-referral notices are not issued for Standing Register vacancies.


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