Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Trade in Forex Trading

Broadly speaking, the way to transact in forex trading is divided into two, with a telephone which is called by dealing quotes (DQ) and the newest way is to use the internet so-called Online Forex Trading.

1. Dealing Quotes (DQ): Ordinary people often see it on television. Someone was on the phone with a busy and asking price. Within seconds the transaction is completed and the transaction data has been stored by the dealer (the forex trading dealer is someone who is placed by the forex trading broker with the task of channeling the mandate of Investors to transact). Dealers tell us the price prevailing at that time. In the event of a match the price then the transaction occurs. Evidence of the transaction is a sound recording telephone conversations and quotes (record) all of which are stored by dealers.

It looks simple and easy, pick up the phone, talk and then finished. But if we look further, this method has many disadvantages. The first weakness is the lack of evidence of transactions that are only held by the dealer. Investors are quite dependent on the evidence in the form of quotes and transaction records which are also held by the dealer.

And investors must recognize that the evidence of legitimate transactions is recognized only two things (because it is tied to the Client Agreement). Whereas if the investor had evidence of transactions recorded on his own initiative, the evidence is not recognized legally by the dealer and applicable law. In this case the investor's position became weaker. What if the proff of transaction is lost or damaged while the transaction is already underway and investors should make a profit?

Another disadvantage, because the transaction brokered by the dealers who also is a human then the human error factor is always there. Although dealers usually are trained people, it still has a factor of inaccuracy, negligent or even emotional factors that can reduce professional work.

2. Online Forex Trading
Along with the rapid advancement of the internet, now the transactions can be done via the internet. The price displayed is the price of the official and recognized by the international community. And that is precisely on the computer screen of investors! In this way, investors can transact the money as they wish. No longer require dealers. Because the transactions are made by investors own the possible losses arising from dealers factors to zero. Reporting is made online and in real time. Easier, no pricing games (by the illegal dealers / forex trading brokers), and control completely in the hands of investors. In addition there are many facilities owned by the online transaction is not shared by conventional means. Investors do not need to go to the stock exchange or any call, simply by internet line, everything has been fulfilled.

If you are interested in getting money from forex trading, and you've mastered the forex trading systems, then I highly recommend if you want to invest in forex trading, look for brokers who provide online forex trading platform for the convenience and security of your funds.

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