Friday, October 28, 2011

Gold price shines again

Gold price surged again touched its highest level in one month after European leaders agreed on a rescue plan for the debt crisis. This lifted sentiment in financial markets. As known European leaders have agreed on a rescue package from the debt crisis. This makes the euro strengthened against the U.S. dollar.

The spot price of gold in trading Thursday (10/27/2011) touched U.S. $ 1728.11 per ounce from U.S. $ 1722.69 per ounce is a rising fifth time. While the futures price of gold also touched the highest level at U.S. $ 1,729.8 per ounce from U.S. $ 1,724.2 per ounce.

Gold prices rose on expectations of a fairly well on the European crisis management plan. The increase in the stock market and solid economic data from China also appear to provide strong sentiment for gold price movements. Optimism for China's economic growth will push up prices of all commodities, including gold

Gold price rose for two consecutive days amid optimism that the EU will soon find the best solution to rescue the European crisis. It is estimated that the recapitalization will be the first step has been approved to avoid a banking crisis becomes a systemic problem.

Gold price also rose in the U.S. because of concerns about the existence of the U.S. Central Bank plans to buy securities in the third round of a large number intended to improve economic growth, could trigger inflation. Gold received support because there is a general consensus that the Federal Reserve will provide a stimulus to support growth in the U.S. Currently the investment began to return to gold as fears of debt crisis in Europe is not yet clear ends and demand for hedging from the possibility of inflation.

Gold will move with stable in the range area of 1.700 U.S. dollars / oz-$ 1.720 / oz next few sessions, according to technical analysis MKS Finance. Resistance level in the range of 1.750 U.S. dollars / ounce. Spot gold moved around positive territory in early trading on Asian markets with high levels at $ 1,749.56 / oz and a low level at $ 1,741.70 / oz. "The price of gold was helped safe-haven demand". Strong support level of gold around the MA 100-day at $ 1.670 / ounce and MA 21-day at $ 1.668 / ounce and MA 7-day at $ 1.658 / ounce.

Strong performance of silver helps to reduce the ratio of gold / silver. The ratio of gold / silver currently around 49.56 from 51.60 on Thursday (27/10). Spot gold was at $ 1,743.90 / ounce, down $ 1.80, while silver $ 35.19/ounce, up 10 cents from its closing level.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the Gold Price for December Delivery Fell

Gold sheen seems to fade soon, leaving the price of 1730 U.S. dollars per troy ounce and opens the possibility to decrease up to 1580 U.S. dollars per troy ounce. Gold prices fell 10.9 percent in September, but rose 2.6 percent this month. The commodity brokers said, the problem in the euro zone will continue to dominate investor sentiment. The situation in Europe will also dictate the market direction.

S & P lowered the Spanish long-term debt rating one level to AA- and motion of no confidence in the Italian parliament also dominated investor sentiment. In addition, a stronger U.S. dollar exchange rate will depress the price of commodities whose price is denominated in U.S. dollars will seem more expensive.

Silver price is expected to be in the range of 35-36 U.S. dollars per troy ounce. The price of gold at current spot market at 1672.70 U.S. dollars per troy ounce. Gold price in futures trading fell from the highest position for three weeks as the dollar rallied (length increase). As a result, demand for gold as an alternative asset down.

The dollar strengthened 0.8 percent against six major currencies since Germany reduce expectations of a quick resolution to the debt crisis of the European Union. Last month, the U.S. dollar strengthened even as much as 6 percent, while gold prices fell by 11 percent. The strengthening U.S. dollar has become a burden for gold.

Market players seem only to wait in line with the volatility of gold prices. No a big action in buying gold right now, investors who own the precious metal is also not willing to let go. Gold futures for December delivery fell 0.4 percent to its price of 1676.60 U.S. dollars per troy ounce (equivalent to 31.1 grams) at 1:41 PM at the Comex in New York. Earlier, gold prices touched U.S. $ 1696.80 price. This is the highest price for a most-active contract since 23 September 2011. Last week, Gold was up 2.9 percent. The increase was greatest for more than a month.

Monday, October 17, 2011

How to invest wisely: investing tips for beginners

Preaching about the loss of customer funds, bulging investment and accounts burglary in some of the media make us afraid to invest. And also many clients who suffered investment losses as a result of improper practices of unscrupulous financial practitioners. Is it necessarily make us decide not to invest? Fear of investing! Why?

Nothing in this world that is free of risk. There are no conditions that will always be in line with expectations and desires. You may say, then what? what should we do? The answer is: Stay invested (Keep Investing)

Investment planning

Investment can be planned, even had to be planned. Investment planning process is the one that became the starting point where your investment will lead to success or failure. what is investment planning? Investment Planning is a process of how you accumulate assets and regular income that you have today to prepare for funding requirements that will happen in the future.

What are the funding needs in the future? Education your child's school, where they will continue to university, the preparation of your pension, your sons and daughters weddings and other financial obligations that will arise in the future, that things become a necessity in your future. Financial obligations in the future are certain to happen, you can not resist and escape.

The next question, Does Investing Is the Best Choice? Yes, as long as you do proper planning then the investment is the best option.

Here are some steps you can take when planning to Invest:

1. Determine goal / purposes of your Investment
You must determine what your investing goals is. Does the funds you invest only for safety (hedging), to get a regular income (cash flow routines) or you expect a development fund (growth). Once you have established which you choose your investment will be run according to your choice. Many people when investing, do not know their goal. Generally they invest because they see or hear their friend make a profit and then tried to snap out of it.

2. Know your investment risks
Each investment must contain risk. No investment is risk free. But you must remember behind every risk there must be a profit. Risk and profit go hand in hand.
High risk must have high gain and vice versa. If you've been offered an investment product that there is no risk but has a higher profit -That's too good to be true- then there are two things we can conclude: The seller is a fraud, or the seller is stupid.

3. Determine when your investment funds will be used
You should already know exactly when your funds are needed, what is it worth and for any purposes. If you already know the details when it's needed, then the process of selecting an appropriate investment instruments for the purpose will be easier. Generally, investment products are divided by time period: Short-term (1-2 years), Medium Term (2-5 Years) and Long-Term (> 5 years).

4. Make a list of options of investment instruments
where to invest your money? There are many investment instruments in the market. Starting from investing in stocks, investing in bonds, investing in gold, Mutual Funds, ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), commodities and options. Many people began to invest in the first time because they are offered by the nearest person or did not know any other investment types. It is appropriate that you do research on products in the market, then learned the character of each product. Decide which ones you think are most suitable and appropriate to your character and your investment goal that's best investments for you.

5. Determine how much funding will be invested and how often you will place the funds
Why is this important? because some investment options typically have a minimum requirement of investment placement. Therefore you need to know how much money you will invest. The benefit is that you can instantly determine if you will invest at once (lump sum) or will regularly every month. It has something to do with the method of investment. Both methods are equally good, but from some investment literature found that the more often you invest more and more efficiently the results of your investment.

6. Implementation
You've planned, already knows which investment will you choose, and your funds has been prepared. Now, It is time to turn the plan into action / implementation. Many people are good at making plans but never implement the plans. How will you get to the destination if you do not start running. As long as you have planned well, then do not be afraid to start moving. If the plan has been prepared as possible then the implementation will run in line with expectations as well.

7. Monitoring and Evaluate Your Investment funds
Monitoring of investment useful to know what actions must be done if the plan and the implementation that you've done, it strayed far. You will be the primary decision maker on what actions should be done. Do not just rely on information from others or your investment advisor. Heartbreaking events that just happened on the loss of billions of dollars of customer funds is due to investors believe too full and not routinely monitoring the funds.

The reality is, investing is not easy. Need to continue to learn and not give up when tripped. World Investment continues to grow and very dynamic, where investment opportunities continue to come to you. The steps above can be used as the first reference when you want to invest.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Pressure of Europe to Asia Enlarges

Pressure from the problem of the debt crisis in Europe towards other regions, including Asia, is feared enlarged. The IMF estimates that Europe has the potential escalation of the crisis triggered selling assets in Asia, triggered the policy of foreign banks to cut lending to Asia.

EU Commission declared that EFSF is fully operational after Slovakia said it would support the bailout area. Support for Italian Prime reduced but is expected to successfully pass the parliamentary motion of no confidence in terms of budget policy.

Political chaos in Italy is potentially aggravate the situation in Europe. Credit Suisse estimates that at least 66 banks in Europe could potentially fail to pay if the European Union to revise the provisions of stress tests and capital increased to USD302, 3 billion. Major banks such as RBS, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas will require a total capital of 47 billion Euro.

U.S. stocks closed thin lower after a rally reinforcement in three days. This slight decline was triggered weak financial performance of JP Morgan, but instead Google posted fairly good financial performance. Asia's main index moved lower this morning. China reported a decline in trading in September. Weakening exports that occurs is the effect of strengthening the Yuan since mid-August.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vemma Business Opportunity Review

Vemma business opportunity review breaks down the compensation plan of this company with regards to how it is structured and how the participants generate income. This company is set up in a way to have multiple ways of generating income based off of individual and team performances within weekly and monthly periods.

The marketing plan of the business opportunity of Vemma is broken up into two sections; immediate and long term income. Each of these are further broken down with qualifications that determine what the brand partner is eligible and is based off of their qualifying volume (QV) which they call "reward points." The concept behind the company is to build two different teams that are called left and right teams, for the majority of the qualifications both teams must contain personally enrolled members. Based on these qualifications the brand partner can earn 50% of commissionable volume weekly if they are active.

Immediate Income:

In order to be active and therefore qualify to earn income, the brand partner must have an auto-delivery order of 60 reward points and for platinum and above in the plan they must have 120 reward points. This will allow you to then be eligible for the weekly income from the fast start bonus. With this you receive income on the first order of personally enrolled brand partners and consumers. In order to fund these bonuses though, only half of the reward points will be earned.

The company also designates three months of the year, which they choose, to donate a portion of the monthly income of the company to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Long Term Income:

This is where the compensation plan gets confusing. There are quite a few bonuses that can be qualified for and based on enrolling brand partners and reward points. The first one is the cycle bonus, which is qualified for by earning 120 reward points and having two personally enrolled brand partners on each side of your team. This will allow you to earn approximately $22-25 each week. There are also cycle earning levels that allow the teams to switch back and forth again based on reward points.

There is then an enrolled marketing bonus which requires 120 reward points and four personally enrolled brand partners, at least one on each side. This will make you eligible for a 10% bonus on the cycle earnings bonus on those you personally enrolled. The next is a second tier marketing bonus, which cannot be earned if the person has already earned the enrolled marketing bonus. This qualification is 120 reward points and six personally enrolled brand partners. This bonus cannot exceed $5,000 per month unless the person is platinum and above.

There are then a few more bonuses that can be achieved based on rank within the company. One of those is the momentum bonus. All of these have multiple requirements and qualifications.

The overall marketing plan of this company is hard to follow. Each way to earn income has numerous qualifications and rules as to who will receive the income and most have limitations as to how much income can be earned on a weekly or monthly basis.

Vemma business opportunity review shows an overview of how the compensation plan works for the individual brand partners. This opportunity requires the brand partners to build two teams below them, that they can generate an income from depending on their qualifications.

Alyse kelly
About the Author:

There are many business opportunities on the market that people can explore. It is important to evaluate each opportunity based on the marketing plan and the products the company has to offer. To learn more about a legitimate business you can visit

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Condition of Greece's Debt and its Effect on Dollar and Gold

Investors hunt for safe havens, especially U.S. Treasury and gold to avoid risky assets after Greece has been getting closer to default on its debts.
If using credit-default swaps, it costs a record $5.8 million upfront and $100,000 annually to insure $10 million of Greece’s debt for five years, up from $5.5 million in advance on Sept. 9, according to CMA.

Athens authorities said the deficit target in 2011 would have missed so that Greece requires additional funds which is bigger than expected. Greek 2011 deficit has been estimated to reach 8.5% to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This figure is much higher than the previous target of 7.6% for 2011 as well as a requirement of lenders.

On the other hand, Greece budget is also increasingly severe because in 2012 the deficit should be reduced even lower to a level of 6.8% of GDP. This figure is still above the lenders target at 6.5% deficit in Greece next year.

Angela Merkel -German Chancellor- said that she won’t let Greece go into “uncontrolled insolvency” as politicians try to limit contagion to other euro members.

If later Greeks really experienced default, likely, EU policy makers will strive Greece default to be 'controlled default' or 'orderly default'. That is, Greece creditors would be forced to take a 50% discount on their investment. The goal is the banking sector in Europe will be able to deal with.

Serious problems that occurred in Europe makes the U.S. dollar rose against most major currencies including the euro. U.S. dollar index rose 0.51% to as low as 79.47 from 79.30 previously. Against the euro, the dollar strengthened to a level of U.S. $ 1.3354 from U.S. $ 1.3390 per euro.

Gold futures also rose for a second session as market players worried about the condition of Greece. That way, the demand for gold and other metals also surged. Supposedly, Tuesday (10/04/2011) is the day of approval of the bailout worth 8 billion euros (equivalent to 10.7 million U.S. dollars) to Greece. However, it was postponed until mid-October. Therefore the potential for Greece olderly default is feared will rise. With this condition, the possibility of physical gold demand will increase in coming days.

In the aftermath of the recent selloff, the gold price position is further than before. And, current conditions is a positive signal (bullish) for the price in the future.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Things to be Prepared When the Crisis Came

Imperceptibly we've entered the month of October and the market turbulence continues. When we got out (to the trade) before the market drop means the position is more secure. But what about our investments for the long term? What should be done and observed by us in such conditions at these times while waiting and hoping the stock grow up again?

When we waiting for stock (exchange) there are some things we have noticed with our financial portfolio so that we do not make the family's financial situation getting worse. The first should always be considered and taken care of is the amount of the Emergency Fund that we have. Are the numbers still correspond to our needs? Do we ever use in part of the Emergency Fund before and yet repaying again?

Back to the Emergency Fund formula, for those who are still single and do not have children / dependents then it only takes 3 months for monthly needs, or to more easily calculated from the income. For having 2 dependents must provide funds amounting to 6 months income. Whereas if we have more than 2 dependents, Emergency Fund should be prepared for 12 months.

Make sure the number of our Emergency Fund remains adequate and in accordance with our needs and placed on a secure financial products and can be withdrawn at any time. The last thing we do not want to happen is, when the stock was down all of a sudden we're stuck in an emergency, while our Emergency Fund amount is less or does not suit our needs. As a result we have to dilute our investment in financial/ capital market products that are currently the number has definitely decreased.

The second thing we have to consider within current circumstances is to ascertain whether our insurance policy keep running and ready at any time needed. For some of us who have limited health insurance coverage (there's nominal limit per year), check whether our limit and family are still okay and the numbers are sufficient if there are conditions under which we should be treated.

If we buy own insurance (particularly health insurance hospitalization), make sure you have paid insurance dues and make sure the policy is still running (not lapse). Notice also the types of policies and protections that we have, do not get wrong when buy type of insurance. Let us not forget to pay the insurance policies that have matured, if our policy lapse, in an emergency we can not use the insurance to pay the claims of our hospital.

In the current market conditions that broke down as it is today and might have an impact on the economic crisis, the economic situation became unstable. If this happened within a long time, it did not rule on company performance. When the condition worsens it can happen the company where we worked has financial difficulties or even losses. Beware. Therefore, in an unstable condition as now it is not advisable to create new debt, especially consumer debt. Hold first to not buy goods that have not been needed until the condition gradually recovered.

Finally, within the current conditions prevailing 'Cash is the King'. By holding more cash we can use it when needed in emergency conditions. In addition, cash can be used to take the opportunity to invest when prices are stuck down and started up again so that we can invest in a cheap price. Which must always remember is, every crisis or decline in stock prices and other investment instruments, there is always a chance for profit. Then, a genius who dare to take risks will have many advantages.


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