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Vemma Business Opportunity Review

Vemma business opportunity review breaks down the compensation plan of this company with regards to how it is structured and how the participants generate income. This company is set up in a way to have multiple ways of generating income based off of individual and team performances within weekly and monthly periods.

The marketing plan of the business opportunity of Vemma is broken up into two sections; immediate and long term income. Each of these are further broken down with qualifications that determine what the brand partner is eligible and is based off of their qualifying volume (QV) which they call "reward points." The concept behind the company is to build two different teams that are called left and right teams, for the majority of the qualifications both teams must contain personally enrolled members. Based on these qualifications the brand partner can earn 50% of commissionable volume weekly if they are active.

Immediate Income:

In order to be active and therefore qualify to earn income, the brand partner must have an auto-delivery order of 60 reward points and for platinum and above in the plan they must have 120 reward points. This will allow you to then be eligible for the weekly income from the fast start bonus. With this you receive income on the first order of personally enrolled brand partners and consumers. In order to fund these bonuses though, only half of the reward points will be earned.

The company also designates three months of the year, which they choose, to donate a portion of the monthly income of the company to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Long Term Income:

This is where the compensation plan gets confusing. There are quite a few bonuses that can be qualified for and based on enrolling brand partners and reward points. The first one is the cycle bonus, which is qualified for by earning 120 reward points and having two personally enrolled brand partners on each side of your team. This will allow you to earn approximately $22-25 each week. There are also cycle earning levels that allow the teams to switch back and forth again based on reward points.

There is then an enrolled marketing bonus which requires 120 reward points and four personally enrolled brand partners, at least one on each side. This will make you eligible for a 10% bonus on the cycle earnings bonus on those you personally enrolled. The next is a second tier marketing bonus, which cannot be earned if the person has already earned the enrolled marketing bonus. This qualification is 120 reward points and six personally enrolled brand partners. This bonus cannot exceed $5,000 per month unless the person is platinum and above.

There are then a few more bonuses that can be achieved based on rank within the company. One of those is the momentum bonus. All of these have multiple requirements and qualifications.

The overall marketing plan of this company is hard to follow. Each way to earn income has numerous qualifications and rules as to who will receive the income and most have limitations as to how much income can be earned on a weekly or monthly basis.

Vemma business opportunity review shows an overview of how the compensation plan works for the individual brand partners. This opportunity requires the brand partners to build two teams below them, that they can generate an income from depending on their qualifications.

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