Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gold Prices Fall

Gold price dropped, making its biggest limitation since October 2009, and silver fell to its lowest level in three months as the worsening European debt crisis that brought the commodity and stock markets weakened.

What happening in Europe is quite worrying. Plus, the strengthening of U.S. dollar is currently depressing the price of commodities, including gold.

Gold futures for February delivery fell 2% to survive to $ 1.564 on the COMEX in New York. Prices have fallen in five consecutive sessions, the longest fall since October 2009.

Most of the investors assessing market conditions are still minimal driving factors this week where the Gold is still focused on the European debt crisis situation and positive developments in the U.S. macroeconomic data that should be able to sustain demand in gold.

In the middle of thin trading volume today, the headlines that might drive the future of Gold is the Italian bond auction.

Recently reported European banking deposits on the ECB touched the highest record, amounting to 452 billion euros at the central bank. This condition indicates that there is a reluctance to lend to each other, which reflect the difficulty of funding even though the ECB has provided liquidity injections last week.

Above factors resulted in the value of the euro currency plunged along with gold commodity dropped below $ 1,555 so far with daily lows at $ 1,548.80, while the highest point was at $ 1,593.90 daily. The U.S. dollar index gained its own turn, which contributed to a negative catalyst to gold.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year End, Gold Price Stable

Gold price rose in line with demand for gold is rising because the U.S. dollar weakened against the euro on trade in New York on Monday (26/12/2011) local time.

The price of gold for fast delivery rose 60 cents to U.S. $ 1606.95 per troy ounce (equivalent to 31.1 grams) on Monday at 4:54 New York time.

Throughout the end of 2011, the price of gold has risen 13 percent. Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar declined against the euro by 0.3 percent during the holiday trade Monday. Gold remains on track annual achievement for 11 consecutive years. The gold is in demand as fears of a slowing global growth.

Being on the trading on Tuesday, Gold held steady with prices stuck in a narrow range in the range of $ 15 in 3 sessions, as investors held the position during the holiday season, watching the developments in the European debt crisis.

Spot gold fell 0.1% last at $ 1,603.29 per troy ounce. U.S. Gold futures moved slightly at $ 1,605.20.

Gold and silver speculators slashed their bullish forecasts for three consecutive weeks until December 20, by buying silver fell more than 50%, said U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Making Delight Money from Hobby

It is feasible to make use of a hobby or your own knowledge and skills to make money online. There are many opportunity to sell your knowledge and your services as sideline business or even main business. You can also sell your own produced stuff like images and handicrafts. Use your imagination, be creative and ought to be able to generate some money from your hobby. Below you can discover a few possibilities.

If your hobby is needlework, the possibilities of making funds on the net are actually nice. This assuming, of work that the quality of your creations are satisfying. Knitting for example, provides nice opportunities for some additional funds. Clothing, hats and scarves are all products that it will be feasible to sell online. Embroidered, Hand-made products are another option for those who require to earn an income working with their hobby. Embroidered pics, pillows, tablecloths, etc., also could provide a pleasant income. Other possibilities to make funds on the net are different forms of art, sculptures and the like.

Using the net there's several nice opportunities to sell your products. In the event you have an online site of your own, this can be used to promote your stuff. Facebook & Twitter may even be used for promotion purposes. Thousands of people use eBay to make funds online & eBay does provide great opportunities to sell all kinds of stuff. Keep in mind that you have a great advantage. You are selling a distinctive product.

Earn funds selling pics/photo
Selling photographs is a fascinating way to make some funds. All you require is a camera and pics of reasonable nice quality. There is a immense market for the sale of photographs, and lots of have an interest in purchasing such pics. At first you ought to not expect huge revenues, but after some time it is feasible to make calm some funds this way.

The quality will partly pick how much money it is possible for you to to make from your photographs. You do not need to take professional pics, but an all right quality is a demand. Most hobby photographers take pics of such quality. Another important factor is what you photograph. Try selecting subjects that have value for the buyers. It will certainly increase your opportunities succeed. In other words, you ought to try to put yourself in the customer's situation. Pics of nature, landscapes, famous places, famous tourist attractions, popular events, as well as hunting and fishing are usually subjects that sells nice. Be creative and use common sense when choosing a subject. Potential buyers will often be newspapers, other media, magazines, promotion, and different operators on the net.

It will be important to carefully think about what you photograph. It helps tiny to shoot the best pics if no needs the designs you have selected. In order to make money from photographs you must not only think about what sells best. You ought to also think about the competition. Check on the net and try to figure out what kind of photographs successful competitors has selected. This is a huge marked and plenty of people try to earn money this way. Spend some time choosing what theme to choose. Plenty of people forget this and think that nice pics always sell. Thus, they lose all opportunities to make an income.

The market for so called amateur pics is growing & most hobbyists will be able to sell pics. The simplest way to sell photographs is through sites that focus on this. On these pages you can upload your pics at no cost & then earn funds every time somebody buys the rights to make use of them. A picture can be sold lots of times, increasing the opportunities to Make money on Web. Search the net & check out some different opportunities before you select.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Create an Online Store Through Wordpress

The fact that it's become simpler to set up online stores is the incentive increasingly people are failing with their e-commerce endeavors. Apparently, it is simple to set up an e-commerce web-site that features a Wordpress online store plugin. Nevertheless, it takes work to earn and retain a profitable web-site. As a beginner, here are guidelines to get you started and make positive that you keep a profitable Wordpress web-site.

Decide on the item that you will certainly be basically selling. When beginning an online store, it will certainly be safe for you to plan on exactly what you need to promote on your leading wordpress shopping cart. It would definitely be ridiculous to try to stay competitive with giants like, & start with thousands of products. Men & ladies usually go to shopping malls to since they have an array to settle on from, & for window-shopping for particular items that they have an interest in.

Take in particular on your target market as this will eliminate unnecessary competition & strengthen your stores picture. You might be wasting your occasion & hard work in case you tried to sell the wrong product to the wrong target market. Additionally, when you be positive that you produce an excellence & relevant best wordpress shopping cart, this will certainly eliminate unnecessary competition & strengthen the product & picture line. For example, an individual who wears a pair of shoes because they must will certainly not even mind where they purchase, having said that, an individual who cares about the styles & brands will choose for a branded store as their outlet of option.

Take in a domain brand and hosting
After you have produced a firm decision on what you need to promote, the next step will be to receive a domain name. There's numerous choices when it turns to picking a domain, and the name needs to be appropriate to the business. Some mistakes that consumers usually manufacture are in misspellings, settling for a less than ideal domain, be positive that you acquire a. COM than all the others, this is the leading for an online store. Certify that there's not necessarily any dashes in the name and that it contains the correct spellings.

After getting the domain, the next step is going to be to take in the domain hosted. Again, here you require to be cautious and you can not pick any host, declare for example, since they offer a free domain is not even lovely reason to pick them. Be positive that you pick a reliable host and who allows every month payments. This is for your security, in situation they are in no way as reliable as earlier indicated, you can basically modify and in no way make losses.

Add your wordpress
Installing Wordpress is not necessarily rocket science and any person with basic net and computer knowledge can execute it. However, if suspicious, you can always hire a professional to put up the Wordpress online store plugin. You can install utilizing the web site hosting control panel or deploy through a program like Cpanel.

Deploy the e commerce wordpress theme
There's numerous e commerce themes to pick in Wordpress. The themes are simple to deploy & all you need to accomplish is activate, which as well auto populates the categories & items with a click two times.

Upload the items & their descriptions
Offline & online shopping experiences are distinctive. With offline shopping, you get to touch & feel the item, while with shopping online you depend on the images & item descriptions provided. This is the purpose that when you are walking an online store, you need to acquire the potential client to experience the product as much as conceivable. You can accomplish this by obtaining a lot of shots of the product from different zoom levels & angles. Provide the item specifications in detail & offer space for product reviews, delighted customer can mean the development you need to acquire started.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Let's Invest in Indonesia, Fitch Raised Investment Grade of Indonesia

Fitch, one of the world rating agency, on Thursday ( Dec 15 /2011), raised Indonesia's debt rating from BB + to BBB- as an investment rated.

The increase in this ranking makes investment in Indonesia is reduced risk and the lure foreign investors into the Indonesian market. Although quite surprising because previously expected to be given in 2012, investors are factoring the possibility of considering the development of Indonesia's solid macroeconomic performance.

Earlier, on February 24, 2011, Fitch Indonesia raised its outlook from stable to positive. Remain high economic growth at 6.5 percent with the inflation rate is low (less than 4 percent), a stable exchange rate, coupled with budget deficits and low levels of debt GDP ratio is healthy.

Fitch projected growth in gross domestic product (GDP) averaging more than 6.0 percent per year over the forecast period through 2013, amid a global economic conditions are less conducive.

Indonesia domestic-oriented economy and the success of creating a relatively strong economic growth without causing external imbalances, or reliance on short-term external financing shows that the economic growth prospects will be resilient to external shocks, as happened in 2008.

Public debt is low and positive real interest rates provide the authority flexibility policy to respond of the slowdown. Higher levels of trust on macro policy framework is the key to increase this ranking. Tolerance of nominal currency gains within the framework of monetary policy, and a willingness to tighten policy if inflation reached a high single digit, and fiscal policies carefully strengthening the basis for the rise in the rankings.

Higher levels of trust on macro policy framework is the key to increase this ranking. Tolerance of nominal currency gains within the framework of monetary policy, and a willingness to tighten policy if inflation reached a high single digit, and fiscal policies carefully strengthening the basis for the rise in the rankings.

Fitch believes credit profile has a new rank at the level of tolerance. The ratio of gross government debt to GDP is expected to drop from 26 percent at the end of 2010 to 25 percent by the end of 2011, far below the median of the BBB, which is 36 percent. Moreover, the ratio of debt to revenue is projected to fall from 163 percent at the end of 2010 to close to the median projection BBB of 126 percent in 2012, despite the existence of structural fiscal weaknesses in the form of low incomes, only 17 percent of GDP compared to 33 percent of the median BBB.

The Future of Gold is still Promising

Gold futures began to recover in the trading session on Friday (16/12). Some reasons underlying the weakening gold on last few hours. Throughout this week, gold has been dragged down by worries of investors against the European crisis. If the first precious metal is seen as a safe haven ideal, its charm has faded along with the appreciation of the dollar. Gold for February delivery rose $ 10.90 (0.7%) to as low as $ 1,588.00 per ounce. Gold managed to scrape a weekly loss to about 7.5% (data FactSet).

In addition triggered by global worries, the weakening of gold carried on investment trend at the end of the year. Many investment institutions began to cut positions and liquidate holdings to seek a balance sheet. The higher level of losses on other risky investments assets, means greater of volume of the removed position.

Dollar tumbled since yesterday despite some positive data was released. The results of a good Spanish bond auction supporting the euro exchange rate so that the USD began to fall. Deutshe Bank and Credit Agricole seen that the gold correction so far do not reflect the real prospect in the future. Negative real interest rates, fundamental risk and volatility in the stock market strongly support the increase. Agricole even mention there are 3 important factors to shore up prices, namely: still high interest in the physical as well as the entire stock action of central banks and the capital owner. It's still coupled with the possibility of quantitative easing and asset diversification requirements of investment managers.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where is the Turning Point in Gold Prices

Gold price in free fall since last Monday due to a massive sell-off. The series of negative sentiment appeared simultaneously so that recovery is inhibited.

Comex Gold for February delivery has down and closed below the psychological US$ 1600 per ounce. Such poor performance looked one last time in September. The condition is more severe on Friday (Dec 16), gold opened at the level of $ 1,580, or the lowest opening price since July.

Current performance contrasts sharply with the price movement of a few months ago, which to fly to the range of US$ 1920. Gold did not longer seen as a safe haven, gold as a commodity is now precisely swept by the movement of risky instruments.

In the past precious metal seen as a means of hedging, its role is now really have taken over the (US) dollar. When European economic risk peaked, gold following the euro's performance. The weakening of the euro is directly proportional to the strengthening of the dollar so that commodities which are traded using US$ be more expensive. On that basis logic, investors are reluctant to buy gold, so even with other strategic commodities, like oil.

The condition aggravated by year-end policy of financial investment institutions. Typically, hedge funds and fund managers liquidate its gold assets positions to cover losses on other assets, like stocks and secondary risky assets. Morally, no institution is willing to show off losses to clients. All would like to show good performance, it is better if get profit in large quantities.

Last September, when prices fell sharply, the majority of analysts saw as a support level of US$ 1600 is ideal (see graph). If the characteristic correction in this month combined with history in last September, then at current levels should be buying re-emerged in large numbers.

That way gold can be consolidated, such as when it reaches a low level 3 months ago. But now the situation is a mess. Demand is still shy, even when the price has reached US $ 1,564 per ounce. Almost certainly a lot of capital account in the Comex have preparing touched its stop losses.

Now the question is, how much gold on support can re-find its momentum? With a wild movement as it is now, not many investors are willing to risk his position on the instrument of gold. Moreover, there is no sentiment planned that will appear in a few weeks remaining in the year 2011.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gold Price Ready to Go Down Again

After falling for three consecutive days, on Friday trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange early this morning (16.12.2011), the price of gold has increased though thin. Gold price rebounds after three consecutive days before declining quite large.

The price of gold futures contracts on the NYMEX for January 2012 decreased by U.S. $ 9.70 and closed at US$ 1577.20 per troy ounce (31.1 grams). Meanwhile, spot gold prices experienced a slight decline of 0.2 percent and ended at position US$ 1571, 00 per troy ounce.

During the past month the price of gold has declined by 9 percent. Concerns about economic conditions resulted in the European market is still wary of this precious metal price movements.

Gold is also still shadowed by the sell towards the end of the year. Hedge funds have forced to sell gold after getting margin calls and are also closing position of hedge funds. Sell-off towards the end of the year would normally be due on the assets which prints an annual increase rate is high enough.

This condition was expected to make the price of gold could drop to US$ 1400 in the near future. Moreover, the lack of new stimulus measures from the U.S. central bank (the Federal Reserve). The strengthening of U.S. dollar is also the negative news for gold.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Dollar strengthened, Gold Price Slump to Lowest Level of 5 Months

Gold price fell below the level of US$ 1600 per troy ounce. The strengthening of U.S. dollar to hold the demand of gold as an alternative investment assets.

Gold futures for February delivery trimmed 4.6 percent to the position of US$ 1586.90 per troy ounce on the Comex in New York. This is the lowest closing level since July 13. The same contract traded at U.S. $ 1581.80 per troy ounce at 7:03 pm Singapore time.

The U.S. dollar rose to its highest level in 11 months against the euro amid escalating problem of funding to overcome the crisis in Europe. While the Federal Reserve will keep the U.S. economy and restraint in taking new measures to boost the economy. There is turbulence in commodity markets because of the strengthening dollar.

A sharply decline in gold prices indicate a significant level of sales come from the hedge fund. There is a great risk-offs due to European and triggered investors looking for liquidity and sell everything that can be sold to limit the risk.

Gold has the potential to continue to move to a level of 1.550 U.S. dollars / ounce, after successfully penetrate the MA 200-day level. Gold may continue to weaken to as low as the end of 2008. It seems that market players still continue to open sell position. Spot gold fell more than 3% on Wednesday related to concerns about liquidity and the European economy. Spot gold was at $ 1,576.25 / oz.

Fitch has made investments downgrade in five major European banks by one notch. French Minister Alain Juppe said the downgrading of France is not too large. This prompted market speculation that the government was preparing to lose rank tripe-A.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What is investment strategy can do in 2012 ?

The main purpose of investment is to maintain and possibly increase a person's level of wealth.

In addition to avoiding loss of capital preservation, the main consideration is to beat inflation investing. Because inflation eroded the purchasing power that effectively reduces prosperity. Based on these two considerations, both gold and stocks proven to beat inflation.

The price of gold is very volatile at this time. The rise in gold prices expected as a result of central bank actions of developing countries to diversify their foreign exchange reserves by reducing the dollar. With the gold price volatility is high enough, the prospect of the gold price will very depending on whether there is excess liquidity or not.

with current conditions, it is likely the Fed will be more careful poured liquidity due to already high growth of money supply. Meanwhile, liquidity needs for re-financing the debt would create an international interest rates move up.

With these considerations in mind, gold has more competitors. However, based on consideration of capital preservation and inflation protection, the issue is not gold OR stocks but gold AND stocks. Diversification is necessary for the moment, besides of course prudence in investing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gold Price- Free Fall Due to Bad Sentiment

Gold price tumbled again on Monday (12/12). The condition of Europe has still worrying-at least for market players. Market players pessimistic about the effectiveness of the European agreement last Friday so the investors away from commodities and bought dollars.

February gold futures fell $ 25.30, or 1.5% to as low as $ 1.692 per ounce in electronic trading session of the European time. Gold fell to below the psychological level of $ 1.700 in Asian trade. However, investors can hunt for loopholes to get current prices tend to oversold.

Price correction this time to make vanished gain scooped since Friday's regular trading session at NYMEX. Tracked the dollar index rose to 79.02 from the level recorded in North American trading session on Friday (78,622). Positive performance of the dollar has weighed the price of gold.

European stock markets also fell on Monday after Moody's Investors Service stated that the resolution of Europe last week did not have a major impact for efforts to solving the crisis. Thus, credit rating in many European countries still in betting.

Bad Sentiment for gold increasingly strong after an analyst doubted the prospects of demand from developing countries. Considering China's inflation data last week showed a sharp decline and India cut its growth target countries for the financial year ended March 2012. Gold is currently monitored at the level of $ 1,655 per ounce.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Gold Price Keeps Bearish Patterns

Gold Price Keeps Bearish Patterns. Re-Selling gold to test the level of US$ 1702/troy oz, and surprising investors that bullish. But this is Our expectation on previous predictions. Key level of short-term are now at the highest price yesterday, US$ 1756 and any rebound will be very limited. Today, we'll see gold price moved in between US$ 1723 and US$ 1730 before getting dropped.

We are located at the target while around US$ 1680, US$ 1670 and then headed from US$ 1650 to US$ 1655. We threatened a bearish pattern if there is upward movement in 1742. As long as gold prices are still below US$ 1730, we remain bearish projections holding on until there is further movement.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Potential Downgrade of the European Zone Affects Gold Price

A negative sentiment came again from the European zone, rating agency S & P puts ratings of debt Germany, France, and several countries in the euro zone into credit watch negative, a stage prior to the decline in ratings.

Of course the news was making conditions in the regional bourses depressed and fell into the red zone. Attenuation is quite deep, led by the Hong Kong stock exchange.

This news also affects the price of gold. Gold moves in and out of positive zone related to investor anxiety after Standard & Poor's put 15 of the 17 countries in the European zone of potential downgrade. Analysts predict that prices will move volatile ahead of the European Union meeting this week.

EUR / USD at 1.3365 vs 1.3400 late Monday in New York. Spot gold was at $ 1,721.60 / ounce, down $ 1.60, while silver at $ 32.09/ons, up 1 cent, platinum at $ 1.521 / ounce, up $ 5 from its closing level while palladium was at $ 632/ons.

Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Invest at the Deficit Condition

Under any circumstances we should always try to keep investing in order that we can maintain and even enhance the lifestyle of today and tomorrow, also in order to achieve future financial goals.
In other words, investment is mandatory for those who do not want their purchasing power to be reduced in the future.

The problem that may occur are:
1. Do we have a sufficient portion of the money to invest? or,
2. What if in fact we do not have a portion of investment?, or the worst conditions,
3. We tend to run into deficit (lack of money)?

For the first and second problems, the wise solution is to perform the efficiency of expenditure. Do it with a minimum target of 10 percent of expenditures. Efficiency in question is rescheduling expenditure which is 'convenience'. Efficiency is done as much as possible for example of the use of cars every day changed to once a week. Use mass public transport or using a bicycle to work. Remember the investment objective is to delay the pleasure and comfort at this time (not eliminate it) but get a much bigger in the future.

We may still need to sacrifice more to cut the amount of expenditure to be cut more significantly, its implementation should be done with extra hard, and certainly with a sacrifice. Saving electricity consumption, air conditioner and/or heater, watch tv shows only at certain hours, etc..

We must change our mindset with only considers that our income by 90 per cent of the total funds received each month. Target expenditure amounted to a maximum of 90 percent so the remaining 10 percent is the value we have to pay as an appreciation for the benefit of our future and beloved family.

The third problem is the heaviest of the two previous cases, the answer is the same as in the case above, but also must be added to see the whether there is productive assets that can be optimized (viewed from the economical). In terms of seeing whether there is an asset that can be optimized financially then we must think clearly so that the action taken can truly meet our needs for investment.

Next after you make an evaluation and it still has assets that can be 'economically empowered' then do not waste too much time to do it, act immediately. If you have a room that is empty (or emptied) in your home, you can start a business. There are many options to create a home industry. There are many people who started the success from the kitchen or even the garage of their home!

In this case you start to do business in the real sector, the ability of management or business management is a primary key. So consider this issue carefully. This business goal is to not add to the deficit but reduce it so that the deficit eroded until exhausted.

The next question is from where the money I spend on capital, my condition is deficit. How is it possible? The first answer is Change your mindset! You are not alone. There are many people whose condition is far worse than you but still successful. Use of bank lending facilities, guaranteed your property, take a business loan with minimum interest count. The move will leverage your personal assets growth.

Once the business starts rolling then use the results of your business optimally by dividing some of the results to do business in the financial sector, for example buy stock, bond, mutual funds, or purchase of gold. Up to this point you've started to build an investment portfolio that is accumulated from your investments real and the financial sector. This means that you have started to diversify the business. Thus your business failure risk factor becomes less and this means the potential addition of your assets to grow.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time for Retailers to Buy Currency Online

When people buy foreign currency and from where? There are several reasons when people need to buy foreign currency for example they may visiting offshore country for fun or commercial purpose, want to send money abroad to a friend, relative or family, you have purchased asset or any service from overseas country and want to pay for it and most obvious if you are a trade and you make income from currency trading. In whatsoever reason, exchange rate is the key factor in your transaction and market which provide platform for this international finance transaction is known as forex or fx (foreign exchange market). It is a market where travelers and traders both can buy currency on line at the best exchange rate.

Many reputed foreign exchange services around the world that provide online forex trading platform for retail investors. These firms also advise travelers to buy currency online when the rate is good. From last couple of years, economical condition of US and UK is facing nervous points. There are not enough jobs in the market and government policies are changed and become a bit unfavorable. In such financial crisis, it is most important to invest in safe market and earn maximum as you can. For travelers, airport kiosks and banks charge large overheads and ruin your pockets. It is wise to buy currency online from the foreign
exchange firms.

These firms not only offer most competitive exchange rates but also they charge 0% overheads. Today, millions of people including large banks, financial organizations and retailers trade in forex to make money.Online forex trading is beneficial for those who is looking for online business from home, businesses who want to make profits and expand their business globally, government controls the market when inflation rate goes very high, regular traders who has made forex trading as their profession and for those who want to buy foreign goods, services or properties.

Forex ,before few years, was not available for retail traders. Before a decade, market started allowing retailers and since then it is growing exponentially. The best part of market is it is not dominated by any single entity. There are thousands of companies, millions of people, commercial banks, central banks around the world are trading forex to make money out of it. There are many online trading firms in US, UK and other parts of world which allow retail traders to register online and coach them to learn forex trading and make profits.Success in online forex trading depends on the position of traders and market condition. Forex specialist can help novice traders to understand market condition and take accurate decision of
entering and existing from trade.

Forex is the only one of its kind market which is traded for 24hrs in all 5 business working days. Thus, those who want to start earning online can set their trading time on their convenience. Unlike stock market, traders need not to pay any kind of registration fees to start trading. The trading firms allow you to sell or buy currency online and do not charge commission. In forex, traders can make gains from both upward and downward condition of the market. Forex is the most liquid market on earth. Per day trading volume in forex is around $19 trillions which is more than the total equity market of US. Forex learning material and trading tool both are offered free thus any average person with computer basics can initiate trading in forex and make money. Volatility of forex ensure profit making opportunities for traders.


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