Thursday, December 15, 2011

BRB42R8STS75 Verify Blog Claim at Technorati

Hello world- Technorati is a very important site for the blog owner. To increase link popularity and make search engines index the blog as well as facilitate the search.

Currently the way to make a claim blog on Technorati is troublesome enough, that is you have to insert the claim code provided by Technorati in one of the (latest) post, then the Technorati crawlers machine will crawling your blog to find its claim code, eg BRB42R8STS75 .

How to claim your blog on Technorati:

1. Login/sign in to your Technorati account.
2. Log into your account section and click on "Start a blog claim"
3. Fill in the data about your blog
4. Once successful, you will get an email that contains a claim code to your blog. Follow the instructions.
5. Copy and Paste the code in new post
6. After that, log into your Technorati account, then click Check Claim "Verify Claim Token" on the blog you want to claim
7. Once successful, the status of your claim is currently pending a review of Technorati. If your claim is approve, then you will be notified by email.

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