Friday, December 9, 2011

Gold Price Keeps Bearish Patterns

Gold Price Keeps Bearish Patterns. Re-Selling gold to test the level of US$ 1702/troy oz, and surprising investors that bullish. But this is Our expectation on previous predictions. Key level of short-term are now at the highest price yesterday, US$ 1756 and any rebound will be very limited. Today, we'll see gold price moved in between US$ 1723 and US$ 1730 before getting dropped.

We are located at the target while around US$ 1680, US$ 1670 and then headed from US$ 1650 to US$ 1655. We threatened a bearish pattern if there is upward movement in 1742. As long as gold prices are still below US$ 1730, we remain bearish projections holding on until there is further movement.

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