Monday, April 30, 2012

Gold Prices are still Stable

Gold prices hold near the high level for 2 weeks on Monday linked the prospect of a safe-haven buying, with the U.S. dollar is depressed due to the release of GDP data under estimates and speculation that the U.S. Federal Reserve is likely to ease policy to trigger the economic growth.

The U.S. economy, the world's largest economy expanded 2.2% to annual basis within 3 months of this year, below economists' expectations at 2.5%.

The spot price of gold almost did not experience any movement in the $ 1,663.04 per troy ounce, gold has moved up to $ 1,667.11 last Friday, its highest price since 13 April, after the release of disappointing U.S. growth data and fears of European debt that triggered the investment request.

U.S. gold contract for June barely moved in the $ 1,664.20 per troy ounce. Precious metals mixed with gold traded at a high level of two weeks in early Asian trading. Precious metals are experiencing intense pressure this month, closed at $ 1,667.80 / oz.

Gold price is expected bullish and move at the potential area to $ 1.700 - $ 1.717 / ounce.

Interest in gold from the official sector and supported by physical demand on the stock trading is still strong, but the ability of gold to restore the safe haven interest in the near future is still not strong due to market conditions re-focus on European countries.

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