Friday, June 29, 2012

Gold Prices Depressed to the worst quarterly decline since 2004?

The price of gold contract for delivery in August recorded a rise of 0.2% to U.S. $ 1552.90 per troy once on the Comex, New York, after yesterday (June 28), dropped to its lowest level since June 1st.

At 6:03 pm Singapore time, the future contract at the level of U.S. $ 1552.70 per troy ounce. If calculated, since the end of March, gold prices have tumbled 7.1% and to the worst quarterly decline since 2004. Meanwhile, gold prices in the spot market is not much to record changes in the position of U.S. $ 1552.50 per troy ounce.

On the other hand, the contract price of silver for September delivery was not much change in the position of U.S. $ 26.325 per troy ounce. Yesterday, the same contract fell to its lowest level in 19 months. If calculated per quarter, the decline in the price of silver has reached 19%.

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